Crashed and Burned

My site has been offline for the past 12 hours or so as there were some major issues caused by a few ‘site optimization’ plug ins that dug a little too deep into the code of the site, thus bringing the site down to its knees. As such, a lot of the wallpapers that I have recently uploaded to the site were blown away as I had to roll back the site to its state several days ago. I will re-upload them to the site but it will take a few days…so please bear with me as I try to recover things.

That’s Apple Funny

This has been sitting in my “Drafts” for a month or so and I forgot about it after going on vacation and all. In any case, better late than never. With all the recent issues over the iPhone 4 reception issues has spawned some great humor (the one above being my personal favorite). Here are 16 hilarious spoofs of the Apple iPhone.