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Desktop Wallpapers featuring all National Basketball Association team logos.

If there are any NBA related Wallpapers you may want that, leave a comment at the bottom of the page with your request and I’ll see what can be done. If you do make a request, think about it and be specific. Try to find high quality image examples. No re-do’s.

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Sunday. Just wanted to see if you could make this for me on a white background. Thank you Stephen

Just wanted to see if you could add the new Atlanta hawks red logo.It reads Atlanta hawks basketball,instead of Atlanta hawks basketball club.
Thank you

Stephen would you please make this New Orleans Pelicans jersey logo on the white please? Thank you

Stephen, would you please add this Celtics design to you collection please. I think white or green background would look good. Thank you.

Good day Stephen. Huge Jordan/ Bulls fan. Would you be able to make this away jersey logo please. With the white background please.

Stephen, how are you? Would you please make this on a white background. Thank you for your work.

Hello Stephen. Would you be able to make this Knicks logo please? Maybe on a blue background if possible.

Can you please make this Bucks logo a wallpaper, maybe on green and a other color. This packers one too. Thank you in advance.

One more favor. Could you make this script one for my dad. Red script on yellow, yellow script on red.

Hey Stephan I was wondering if you can make the Brooklyn Nets ‘biggie smalls’ city edition jersey logo? With the secondary logo

Stephen, could you please do a home and away bucks jersey and a Nets jersey “BKLYN”?

Just wanted to see if you could post the Memphis Grizzlies new wallpaper logo.

i found a lakers black mamba city jersey logo if you can be able to make the wallpaper.

oh ok awesome! just saw them you did a great job! ill try to find brooklyn or magic city jersey logo

Can you make a Miami city jersey wallpaper

One more request can you try to make either Lakers black mamba city or Toronto raptors city jersey wallpaper

Hey Stephen I was wondering if you can make the Portland city jersey design as a wallpaper

Stephen, would you be able to do the Knicks alt logo on blue ” basketball with KNICKS in the middle of it. Also, the Chicago Bulls with only the bull head, minus the wording on a red background. Thank you in advance.

Could you make a Orlando Magic wallpaper with the Alt logo on a blue background please?

Stephen thank you for the wallpaper. Just a favor but could you make the background the jersey blue color? Thank you greatly. Ryan

The only reason that I asked to have the blue changed is that I thought the alt logo would have the same blue background as your jersey ones. Saw that you don’t like changing things after being asked.

Hey Stephen. Could you please make a pacers hickory pacers wallpaper. Thanks.

Hello Stephen!
The SPURS logo needs a white border..

I was wondering if you could do a Orlando Magic Jersey. I like the blue one with the blue one with white pinstripes, also if you could do a couple Mets jerseys that would be awesome too. Like your selection of wallpapers. Seems to be the only one out there with such selection.