About Me, Myself & I

Yours truly, circa 2021

With a tip of the cap to De La Soul, this is the personal web site of Stephen Clark. Its nothing more than a collection of things from my experiences both on the web and in the real world.

Professionally, I’m an experienced online marketing leader and have hung my shingle at places like Lycos, AOL, American Express, Federated Media and currently Citibank. I’ve also been known to do side projects. You can see all the gory details on my resume and you can also read my bio of you are so inclined.

I was born at a very young age in a town far, far away. That town was Norwood, MA which is just south of Boston. After that seminal event, I spent my formative years living in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, with a brief two year respite over in England. Then, all things changed when during high school, we moved to New Jersey!!

I finished up high school in Chatham, New Jersey and, figuring that California was just too damn sunny for me to get any studying done, decided to go to college in Upstate NY. I attended Syracuse University (2003 NCAA Basketball National Champions), in beautiful Syracuse, NY, where it snows in July and the sun never shines. After finishing an uneventful undergraduate academic career, I stuck around the NYC area after college and “did the Manhattan thing”, living on the Upper West Side. And somehow, the years have passed by and I woke up today.

Details About The Site

The site is built on the self hosted flavor of WordPress. I am using a customized, self built child theme of the super lightweight GeneratePress theme. I did all the customizations using the application Nova by Panic (formerly Coda) on my 27″ iMac Mac Mini + Studio Display (nah…not bitter at Apple for discontinuing the larger iMac), using some plain HTML, CSS, and PHP. I use the Spectral and Inter font families across the site.

My design and U/X philosophy is driven by the simple notion that form follows function. I believe in clean, simple, easy to navigate online experiences and my goal is to achieve that ideal on my very own site.

The site is hosted by the wonderful folks at SiteGround (referral link).

Candyland Bingo

That's me, top left with the very 1970s red turtleneck and blue shirt combo. :)
Me on Candyland Bingo.

When I was younger, I appeared on the box top of the Milton Bradley game Candyland Bingo. The photo below shows the box top. I’m the kid on the top left of the image with the ultra dated red turtleneck/blue collared shirt combo. Click image to view the full size.

From what I remember, a friend of my family was part of another Milton Bradley “shoot” and they asked my parents if I could fill in for the Candyland Bingo one. So I went, and as they say, the rest is history.

I occasionally check out eBay for any auctions selling the verison of the game that features my photo. There are actually two versions of the game from that time period, the one that I am on (above) as well as another which has four other kids on it’s box top. I have already picked up two or three copies that are in surprisingly good condition. One of these days, I’ll pick up a deep frame to mount the game in.