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Desktop Wallpapers featuring American National Football League team logos.

  • Requests can be submitted in the comments area but that does not mean they will be done.
  • Including a donation with your request does help. That said, it is still my site and I’ll determine what is worth adding to it.
  • Check the Change and Update Log for general updates to this collection.
  • If you do make a request, think about it and be specific.
    1. Try to find high quality image examples (minimum 600px wide)
    2. Don’t (!!) make two requests that could be submitted as one
    3. No re-do’s

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Change & Update Log

  • Nov 18, 2021 – Added Packers, Colts, 49ers, Panthers wordmark logo wallpapers
  • Jan 12, 2021 – Added Cleveland Browns ‘helmet’ wallpaper. Over past few months, added Jets retro one and removed older Retro Washington imagery.
  • May 21, 2020 – Added new LA Rams logos and added new Indianapolis Colts wordmark and alt logos.
  • April 2, 2020 – Updated LA Chargers to reflect their new brand/logo.
  • Feb 3, 2020 – Updated KC Chiefs Super Bowl wallpaper to reflect their victory in SB54.

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Stephen, can you please update the Eagles wordmark, etc. Thank you.

Randy Gadsen

Stephen, could you turn this sportslogos Miami Dolphin logo in a wallpaper? Thank you

Fred Sutton

Stephen, can you please make this Bucs 80’s helmet on the creamsicle.


Stephen, I noticed somebody asked already. I was on sportslogos and I saw that they had updated the Commanders alt and wordmark logo. Would you please add those. Thank you very much.

Dustin Smith

Morning. Stephen I have a question. Would you be able to make a wallpaper, using this wordmark example. Such as coloring on this home Cowboys jersey? Thank you

Dustin Smith

Stephen, after some logical thinking. I request was to much. Would you be able to make this Cowboys helmet on white or grey instead. Thank you again

Paul Gresham

Stephen, hello. I know they just came out, but was wondering if you will be posting the new Washington Commanders logos. Thank you

Steve Lindgren

Fantastic page of desktop wallpapers. Love the basketball and football. Would you please make this Rams helmet on a yellow backing and this LA Lakers on a purple backing please. Thank you

Steve Lindgren

Sent you $5 for the rams and the lakers.

Steve Lindgren

Steve sent it

Cindy Flowers

Found you page on the net. Like others I went to sportslogos and found this Raiders logo. Can you make this on white please?

Justin Richards

Hello. Would it be at all possible to make your wallpaper, Jaguars on a black background? Thank you

Tom Jones

Hello. Can you make this 49ers logo on a white backing? Stephen, thank you

Chris Taylor

Would it be possible to make this Rams wordmark on a Rams yellow background please?

Brian Bedell

Stephen, good evening. Would it be possible to make this 49ers logo on their gold color. Thank you in advance.

Palmer Davis

Would you be able to add this Colts older word mark logo to your site please Stephen? Thank you

Jackson Grey

Stephen, favor to ask. Huge Bears fan from the Mike Ditka days. Would you be able to make a wallpaper along the lines of his classic sweater. Thank you greatly Stephen.

Thomas Heckerman

Stephen would you please make on a black background and also the wordmark on white on a purple background. Donated $5 to your cash app page. Thank you

Thomas Heckerman

Stephen, thank you. They turned out great.

Mark Hamm

Would do a Minnesota Vikings word mark please?

Last edited 9 months ago by Mark Hamm
Anthony Righatti

Would you also please add a Carolina Panthers word mark to your page please?


Here is the Jax Sharks. Thank you again.


Buffalo Bills fan since birth. From your page I ended up from a link going to sports logos, also saw that you did old school. Would you be able to do this 1960 Bills helmet ( there first one ) on red possibly? Thanks


Would you be able to add a Arizona Cardinals wordmark wallpaper to your site? Thank you Stephen