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A collection of random wallpapers including legendary TV show characters, catch phrases and just random stuff that I’ve seen out and about on the internet.

  • Requests can be submitted in the comments area but that does not mean they will be done.
  • Including a donation with your request does help. That said, it is still my site and I’ll determine what is worth adding to it.
  • Check the Change and Update Log for general updates to this collection.
  • If you do make a request: be polite, think about it, and be specific. There are no “re-do’s”.
    1. Try to find high quality image examples (minimum 600px wide)
    2. Don’t (!!) make two requests that could be submitted as one
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Change & Update Log

  • October, 2021 – Added ‘Cheers’ and ‘Sopranos’ wallpaper to TV section. Added ‘NYFD’ to Police/Military tab. Added ‘Endless Summer’ to Movies tab.
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Share an example image URL here. Be specific both here and in your comment. You can't edit/change this field after comment is posted.
Share an example image URL here. Be specific both here and in your comment. You can't edit/change this field after comment is posted.

Making a special request? Its much more likely to get done with a Donation

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My wife is family is from Israel. I have told her in the past of your page and your wallpapers. Would you do an Israel desktop wallpaper with the flag of Israel ( full screen is possible ) so I can pass it on to her. So she can use it. Thank you, Jason.

Kevin Thompson

The email I originally sent you has removed/deleted due to it being hacked a while ago. Here is my current one, sorry.

Kevin Thompson

Hello. First time to your site, first time requesting. Hopefully you’ll be able to do this for me. My dad passed away last year and as a kid he would take me to Nassau Coliseum ( Long Island ). Would you be able to transfer this retro logo and put it on a white background? Thank you.


Stephen. Thanks for the Pirates wallpaper. Question. I just went into a partnership with an old school mate ( his family business ). Would you please put the logo on black background. Quality isn’t 600 so I know it won’t be perfectly clear in advance. Thank you.

Example URL (Optional)
Richard Sikes

Here is the Baptist logo. Don’t see it posted in the comments below. Don’t know if it went through.


Would you be able to show me what the Baptist beaches looked like with the pink background? Please

Last edited 4 months ago by Richard

Thank you. You are great

Richard Sikes

Stephen. This is Richard again. Updating my donation and request. Would you please do a wallpaper with my place of employment Availity and my wife’s D&B both on white? Thank you. Great page, first time requesting.

Richard Sikes

Fantastic work Stephen. Another request, for my daughter who is a registered nurse at Baptist Beaches. Can you please their logo on pink? Thank you.


Morning. Favor asked by a friend. Can you place this logo on an olive color background as depicted on the patch? Donation sent


Can you do the tan? Please. Thank you


Please put this W.O.C. Army patch on brown ( or a camo background ) please. Don’t know if the camp is possible. Thank you again, Eric.


Thank you again. Another question, which I probably should have asked for originally along with making another donation. Can if you would like me to. Would you be able to possibly make this army reserve logo on black? Eric.


This is first time to your site. Have just donated to your Cash App account. 2 requests. I’m in the US Army and work at MEPS. Processing Center for the US Armed Forces. Can you please take this logo and my Army rank on a U.S. flag background. Thank you.

Last edited 4 months ago by Eric

They all turned out very well. The dimmed versions are very cool. Great work.

Last edited 4 months ago by Cedric

Recommended, first timer. From my ex ship mate Paul. Can you put this “ don’t tread on me “ Navy shoulder patch on the green color displayed on the patch? Thank you, donation included. Example down below.


Last request. Would you please make this US Flag ( Navy ) on brown or matching color please? Donation sent


Morning. So my son has requested and here we go. Navy family. Can you please make this Damage Controlman on a white background. Also, please make The Sullivans ship logo on grey. * $10 donation sent. Thank you again.

Last edited 4 months ago by Paul

Stephen. Was told of your page through my brother James. Can you please make this US Navy Torpedo rate badge on the blue color as depicted on the badge. * donation sent.

Last edited 4 months ago by Paul

I’m not very artistic, but I would say that you did a fantastic job. Can understand the matching of the blue etc. The grey turned out well too. Thank you Stephen. I will recommend your work if asked about the wallpapers.


Hello. First time requesting some wallpapers. Came across your website on a Google search. Would you be able to take this US Navy logo and F-35 Lightning logo and turn them into wallpapers. Thank you, James.

Last edited 4 months ago by James
Robert Parnell

Many months, how have you been? Just got back from NC and did a bit of hiking on the Appalachian Trail? Could you please either make this on Forest Green or brown? Thank you.


Hello. First time requester. Can you please make this Sunlake High School logo ( I know it’s not the highest quality upfront ). Also Steinbrenner high school. Both on white. Will send you *10.00.


Hello. First time. I see that you’ve done a variety of military related wallpapers. Can you possibly do this California Army National Guard? Thank you


Thank you again Stephen. Hope that logo I sent this morning works for you.


Been awhile. Sent you a donation. Can you please make a Hawaii flag wallpaper?