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A collection of random wallpapers including legendary TV show characters, catch phrases and just random stuff that I’ve seen out and about on the internet.

  • Requests can be submitted in the comments area but that does not mean they will be done.
  • Including a donation with your request does help. That said, it is still my site and I’ll determine what is worth adding to it.
  • Check the Change and Update Log for general updates to this collection.
  • If you do make a request: be polite, think about it, and be specific. There are no “re-do’s”.
    1. Try to find high quality image examples (minimum 600px wide)
    2. Don’t (!!) make two requests that could be submitted as one
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Change & Update Log

  • October, 2021 – Added ‘Cheers’ and ‘Sopranos’ wallpaper to TV section. Added ‘NYFD’ to Police/Military tab. Added ‘Endless Summer’ to Movies tab.
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Hello. First time requester. Can you please make this Sunlake High School logo ( I know it’s not the highest quality upfront ). Also Steinbrenner high school. Both on white. Will send you *10.00.


Hello. First time. I see that you’ve done a variety of military related wallpapers. Can you possibly do this California Army National Guard? Thank you


Thank you again Stephen. Hope that logo I sent this morning works for you.


Been awhile. Sent you a donation. Can you please make a Hawaii flag wallpaper?


Stephen hi. Can you make this Navy Veteran for me. I am a navy veteran. Thank you

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Stephen. Hope your week has started well. Can you please put this Sunrise Surf Shop logo on the same teal color as the Jax Jaguars wallpaper you have posted please? Donation on its way as usual.


Stephen. I can’t thank you enough for the “ surgery “ on the Seabreeze logo. One more favor than I’ll leave you alone :) I have a street legal golf cart by this brand ( burnt orange ) can you put this logo on a burnt orange background. Will pay you $10 for the orange wallpaper and for the extra step you took to make the logo last night. Thank you again


Stephen, knowing the resolution isn’t the best. Can you please put this Seabreeze elementary logo as we page with seahorse on a teal background? Thank you

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Hey. The cut off version is the best I. Can find. Can you still do that one on a teal background. And you can keep the donation:) Thank you very, very much

Example *IMAGE* URL

Here is the logo.


Awesome looking:) thank you again. As a baseball fan I kind of thought the day would come with sponsorships. I guess it’s the world we live in. Lol


Shot in the dark. With my angels and mlb going to sponsorships can you please put this FBM logo on white? Thank you. If you are up to it, donation included of course.


Came to your page in a search. Can you please make this Bosa Grande ( Garden Grove, CA ) on red? Or grey if not red. Thank you


Stephen. Please make this Hickory Creek logo on the grey as in the logo. Thank you again.


Stephen. (2) requests. Will pay you for your work. Can you please make this Merit Consulting on navy blue. ( Not quite 600 but hopefully you can still make it for me ) Understand that it may not be super clear. Can you also put this Elon University seal logo in maroon please?

Example *IMAGE* URL
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Olivia Delongy

I changed the donation to $10. After looking at your work, collections and ability. Thought you deserved more. Thank you again.

Olivia Delongy

Morning. Was referred to you from my brother. A question for you? You had made him some wallpapers. Can you possibly make me a Switzerland Point Middle School on a white backing? Will send you a donation. Thank you.


Stephen. Thank you for the Sunbelt App State. Would you please be able to make this FC logo on white too? One of my daughters plays tennis for App State and I have one daughter in middle school, who plays basketball. She wanted a school logo on my phone too :). Thank you.

Last edited 3 months ago by Aaron

Stephen, morning. My son plays in the Hurricane Junior Golf. Would it be possible to put their logo on a grey background please? Money is on the way :) Thank you again.

Drew Harrison

Evening. I was introduced to your page today from Ralph. You made him some Georgia wallpapers. Would it be possible to make me these 2 Georgia city maps on black backgrounds please? * will donate $5 for your work.

Last edited 6 months ago by Drew Harrison
Steven Coffey

First time visiting your site. See that you make some misc. wallpapers. Would you possibly be able to make 2 for me please ( Harley Davidson ). Can you put their logo on their burnt orange color? Also theirs logo in the same orange on a black background? Thank you in advance. Steven. * example below

Steven Coffey

Morning Stephen, sorry. Found a better image of the logo and color match. Could you please put the Harley Davidson logo on the orange color. Also, could you please make the logo in orange and put it on a black background? Thank you again. Steven Coffey.

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Savalas Lee

Hello. Saw your page in a search for desktop wallpapers. Awesome page. Saw that you had previously made some FDNY, NYPD. I just retired from DSNY today after 30 years. Would you be able to use their logo to make a wallpaper for me please? Thank you.

Last edited 7 months ago by Savalas Lee
Matthew Flowers

Went back to look at the image and for some reason wiki is down. Idk. Tried to find a better quality image.

Matthew Flowers

I had sent a message also yesterday asking if you could make a wallpaper with the handsmaid tale. I don’t know what happened to that message. Crazy. Thank you Stephen ahead of time.