Desktop Wallpapers featuring Major and Minor League Baseball team logos.

Requests can be submitted in the comments area but that does not mean it will be done. Including a donation with your request does guarantee it will get done. If you do make a request, think about it and be specific. Try to find high quality image examples. No re-do’s. Check the Change and Update Log for general updates to this collection.

Donations are warmly welcomed. Especially if you are planning on making a special request.   PayPal  Cash App  Amazon Wish List

World Series

NOTE: World Series Champions dates are based on the lineage of the franchise, not the city the franchise is currently located. For example, the Oakland A’s WS dates include when they were in Philadelphia, and the Minnesota Twins include when they were the Washington Senators.

Old School

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Change & Update Log

  • Nov. 2021 – Updated Atlanta Braves World Series wallpaper.
  • Sept. 2021 – Added Cleveland Guardians and several additional Minor League teams.
  • Jan. 2020 – Added various requests to Minor League tab. Updated Texas Rangers. Added Toronto Blue Jays baby blue version.
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Blake Brady

Good morning. A question . Would you be able to make a couple Chicago Dogs Baseball wallpapers please. Thank you greatly.

Last edited 2 months ago by Blake Brady
Blake Brady
Last edited 2 months ago by Blake Brady

Stephen, would you be able to add this old school Braves to your page also. Thank you.

Anthony Righatti

You have a huge selection of baseball collections. Question, would you be able to make this Newark Bears on a white backing? Thank you

Anthony Righatti

Have a question. Stephen would you be able to make this Timber Rattler wallpaper? Please.

Ryan French

Awesome page!!! Even though I saw that you had some Jacksonville baseball wallpapers already up, would you make this for on their yellow? Thank you Stephen

John Cooper

Can you add this minor league team to your “ Minors “ category? Thank you

John Cooper

I understand. Would you be able to make this Vermont Lake Monsters on white or green please instead?

Dan Hemmerle

Stephen, would you please make this for me on a green background? Than you greatly. Sincerely, Dan Hemmerle

Thomas Jones

Hello. Would it be possible to make this Billings Mustangs cap logo please? Found it online.

Thomas Jones

Hey sorry if I asked at the wrong time yesterday. From looking at your site you seem to get tons of requests. Hope you will be able to put up the Billings wallpaper. Thank you.

Amber Brinton

Good day. Would you please make this Colorado Vibes wallpaper please? Thank you.

Amber Brinton

Would you also make this for me please Stephen? I purchased you Clubman Woltra Styptic Pencil Small Twin Pk through Amazon. They are on your way.

Last edited 3 months ago by Amber Brinton
Amber Brinton

Stephen, just got your message. Sorry, I actually ended up ordering those myself in mistake. Would you please make those wallpapers for me and I’ll go back to your list tonight at sometime. Sorry again, that one is on me :p

Sarah Morgan

Good evening Stephen. Would you add this to your minor league category please? Thanks


You are the only one I’ve come across that has minor league wallpapers. Can you make this Rochester minor league team for me please?


Stephen, would you please add this Fredericksburg Nationals logo to your site please? On white? Thank you


Any chance you can please make this logo with a black background! My appreciated


Would it be possible to make this minor league logo on a white background please? Thank you for your time


Should of asked you yesterday with my first asking of the Jackals. Would you please also make this current logo? Thank you . This is my personal email, due to it looking different


Stephen, wasn’t able to find the Montclair logo. Would you be able to make this Hudson Valley updated HV logo with the tail, it’s their cap logo being the Yankees affiliate. Thank you again.

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Good day Stephen. Would you please make this old school Phillies logo on white please? Thank you