Desktop Wallpapers featuring Major and Minor League Baseball team logos.

If there are any Baseball related Wallpapers you may want that are not below, leave a comment at the bottom of the page and I’ll see what can be done. Be sure to check the Updates and Liner Notes before making any requests. If you do make a request, think about it and be specific. Try to find high quality image examples. No re-do’s.

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World Series

NOTE: World Series Champions dates are based on the lineage of the franchise, not the city the franchise is currently located. For example, the Oakland A’s WS dates include when they were in Philadelphia, and the Minnesota Twins include when they were the Washington Senators.


Old School

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Change & Update Liner Notes

  • Jan, 2020 – Added various requests to Minor League tab. Updated Texas Rangers. Added Toronto Blue Jays baby blue version.
  • Nov. 4, 2018 – Updated Boston Red Sox WS background
  • Nov. 8, 2017 – Added Houston Astros WS background
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Great page. I know you some Phillies backgrounds and saw you have some jersey ones up to. Can you make this alt cream one please? Thank you Stephen

Last edited 3 hours ago by Jim

Morning, would be able to make this Cleveland home jersey logo into a wallpaper please? Maybe also the away version if possible. Thank you.

Stephen would you please make this Reds away jersey for me? Thank you

Stephen, hello. You made a Twins wallpaper a couple days ago for my girlfriend Julie. I was looking to see if you would make the Twins away jersey wordmark for me please? Thank you

Morning. Wonderful page. Would you be able to add this Twins home logo to your collection please? Thank you

Good Monday Stephen. Question. Would you please make this for on a orange background or white? Thank you

Stephen, would you be able to make this for me please on a black background? Thank you.

Liking the pinstripes. What a selection of NCAA wallpapers. Would you be able to make this a wallpaper. The University of Chicago athletic logo? Thank you

Hello Stephen. Would you please make this old school Giants logo for me. Thank you. On a white background please.

Stephen, thank you for the wallpapers. Would you be able to update the cap logo. It’s almost like the Meta design NY interlock, but different. If not it is ok. Thank you again for your work.

I think it’s worth updating. I would appreciate it greatly.

Good Friday Stephen. Question. My grandfather was born in 1909 and was a huge Yankees, baseball fan. Would you please make this Yankees jersey for me from the 1920, something to remember by during this baseball season, his love for the game. Thank you.

Staten Island folded this year but am a big fan of them. You are the only I’ve found who does minor league backgrounds. Can you make this for me please, on white or blue. Thank you

Stephen, I have noticed that you have a fair amount of Mets wallpapers. But would you be willing to make this “old school” one please? With this script. Thank you..

Hello. Would you be able to make this minor league cap logo for me please. Would you be able to make it on the blue represented in the logo. Thank you.

Stephen, sorry to bother you. If you are able to also make this one for me, I would pay you $10. Thank you again.

Stephen, no apologies needed. I figured you were busy. Thank you for your quick response. Eugene.

Hello Stephen. The Hudson Valley Renegade are a Yankees affiliate now. Was wondering if you could post these 2 updated logos please? Main logo and the cap logo. Thank you Stephen

Stephen, hello. Can you make this alt Mets jersey logo for me? Thank you for your work.

Evening Stephen. Would you please add this to your Rockies wallpapers please. Thank you greatly.

Stephen, how are you? Can you do me a favor and make this for me please? With the blue background as shown. Thank you.

Stephen, hello. Thanks for the storm chaser wallpaper. Could you do me one more favor and make this Royals alt white jersey for me? I can buy you a coffee or donate some money. Thank you again

Good Saturday Stephen. Would you be able to make this minor league wallpaper for me on white? Thank you

Hello Stephen. Would you please make me a Atlanta Braves home jersey, like the Portland sea dogs home jersey you made for someone. Thank you.

Stephen, evening. Can you please make this minor league baseball logo please, preferably on white if possible. Thank you for your work.

Stephen, would you please make these 2 river dogs logos into wallpapers for me? Thank you