Desktop Wallpapers featuring most NCAA Division I team logos, along with some D-II and D-III schools. The “All” tab is comprehensive of all the school backgrounds on the page. I have also broken them out by major DI athletic conferences. Yes, there are a lot of Syracuse University wallpapers. I went to school there.

If there are any College related Wallpapers you may want that are not below, leave a comment and I’ll see what can be done. Check the page notes at the bottom for general updates of this collection. If you do make a request, think about it and be specific. Try to find high quality image examples. No re-do’s.

Donations are warmly welcomed. Especially if you are planning on making a special request.   PayPal  Cash App  Amazon Wish List


Every school on the page, from Abilene Christian to Youngstown St.
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Every school on the page, from Abilene Christian to Youngstown St.

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Change & Update Log

  • April 28, 2021 - Trying out a pagination navigation treatment on the main "All" tab that contains every single one of the school backgrounds on this page. I felt that the page was getting way too long on the previous method so am trying this out to see if it makes it easier to find the school you are looking for by being able to go directly to the page they may be on. Right now, I can't replace the numbers with letters/alpha indicators but I'm working on it. Any thoughts or feedback are welcome (be gentle :).
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Stephen. Would it be possible to add a Tiffin University wallpaper to your website? Thank you Stephen

Hello, would you please make this App State logo for me? Thank you, Eden. On white or yellow please.

Stephen, would it be possible to make a Bloomfield Bears ( NJ ) wallpaper please?

Example URL (optional)

I know you have this Maryland “Terps”logo on black. Can you make the same one on red and white? Thank you in advance.

Happy Labor Day. Very unique page, wide collection. Saw that you have 2 Badgers desktop backgrounds. Would you be to add this badgers logo I found to your page, also this Penn State mascot please? On white if I could choose a color. Thank you so very much Stephen

Last edited 10 days ago by Samantha

Can you please make this ND logo on gold? Huge fan of then and your page

Stephen. Would you please make this Brutus Buckeye logo on a red background please? Thank you so much.

Fantastic page. Wide range of work. If I made a donation to your services, would you be able to make a high school ( Newburgh, NY ) and a NCSU logo?

Could you make this on a the same gold color.

Last edited 15 days ago by Ron

Could you also please make this Newburgh Goldbacks on gold please? Sent you the donation, thank you. Don’t need the NCSU after all.

Evening. Would you be able to add this iconic ND helmet logo to your site. On gold? Thank you

Last edited 16 days ago by Jonathan

Here they are Stephen. Deposited $5 to your cash app account. Can you make both on garnet please.

Last edited 1 month ago by David Webb

Yes, I’m good with the risk Stephen. Could you do the old orange – y garnet, that is a good idea. Thank you for thinking of that Stephen.

Last edited 1 month ago by David Webb

Stephen, question for you. If I found a old school FSU logo ( 2 ) would you please make it for me? Will donate to you first.

Great page. Would it be possible to add this FSU logo on white to your site Stephen? Thank you

Stephen, could you please add this Cuse word mark to your site and also this updated Cuse helmet to your site please?

Last edited 1 month ago by Mike Cone

Morning. Would you please make this for me on yellow possibly. ECU Pirates mascot. Thank you.

Just thought I would request it. Was worth a shot.

Would there be a chance you could make it for me and also send me a link to donate, like the other people that requested from you? Thank you

Stephen, I sent you $5 for the ECU wallpaper on yellow. Thank you for your help.

Last edited 1 month ago by Melissa Zediker

Would you please add this updated UAB primary logo to your page please, on white?

Last edited 1 month ago by Jerry

Your page showed up in a search of desktop wallpapers. Great work. I saw that you had done a NYU Law School background prior. Would you be able to make this NYU Medical School crest for me please? Hope the image is clear enough. Thank you, Elizabeth

It’s a school email, might have some blocks installed. November 14, 2020 is when you made the NYU Law.

Yes. On vacation for a week with family for a week. I’m a professor at NYU Medical School

Last edited 1 month ago by Elizabeth

I’ve been trying to find the UF seal on a wallpaper and also know that you said that you have enough on your site. Would you possibly be able to make one for me on the orange background on the side as a favor? Sorry for bothering you again. Thank you again, Stephanie

Last edited 1 month ago by Stephanie

Would you please make this Kentucky Wildcats logo for me? Thank you In advance.

I will send a donation to your PayPal account tonight for the wallpaper, Kentucky. Thank you for your work and time.

Being a business owner. Usually you get paid when the service is rendered. Thank you for your quick response.

Last edited 1 month ago by Tina Nesbitt

Stephen, didn’t know you did this as a hobby. Sorry. I sent you $5 through PayPal. Thank you again.

Stephen, thank you very much. Just a question. Would you be able to make a Johns Hopkins Blue Jay wallpaper too for me? Thank you for all

Fantastic. Thank you

Good Tuesday. Recent grad of UF. Would it be possible to put this UF seal on a orange backing? Thank you.

Stephen. Would you be able to add this Vanderbilt word mark to your collection. Thank you.