Desktop Wallpapers featuring most NCAA Division I team logos, along with some D-II and D-III schools. The “All” tab is comprehensive of all the school backgrounds on the page. I have also broken them out by major DI athletic conferences. Yes, there are a lot of Syracuse University wallpapers. I went to school there.

If there are any College related Wallpapers you may want that are not below, leave a comment and I’ll see what can be done. Check the page notes at the bottom for general updates of this collection. If you do make a request, think about it and be specific. Try to find high quality image examples. No re-do’s.

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Every school on the page, from Abilene Christian to Youngstown St.
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Every school on the page, from Abilene Christian to Youngstown St.

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Change & Update Log

  • April 28, 2021 - Trying out a pagination navigation treatment on the main "All" tab that contains every single one of the school backgrounds on this page. I felt that the page was getting way too long on the previous method so am trying this out to see if it makes it easier to find the school you are looking for by being able to go directly to the page they may be on. Right now, I can't replace the numbers with letters/alpha indicators but I'm working on it. Any thoughts or feedback are welcome (be gentle :).
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Afternoon. Is there a chance that you could come up with a Florida Southern Mocs desktop background for me? Attached is a example of their sports logo. Thank you, Joseph Holden

Example URL (optional)

Can you do a Dallas Baptist

Good Saturday Stephen. Can you please design a University of South Carolina Beaufort Sandsharks background on either blue or white. Thank you in advance.

Coastal Carolina Grad. I found their official seal on Wiki. Would you be able to turn it into a wallpaper? Just wondering. Thank you. I think white or grey would look nice. You can choose :)

No problem Stephen. Thank you for your response. Would you be willing to make a Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (GA) wallpaper for on white. Thank you again.

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I found a better version of the athletic logo. Thank you Stephen.

Would it be possible to make some Edinboro University Scots desktop backgrounds? Greatly appreciate it.

Last edited 5 days ago by Joy

How are you? I saw that you already have a Roanoke College wallpaper on your site. Would you be able to add their seal too? Thank you.

Your page showed up on a search for NCAA wallpapers. Would you be able to make this UNC Wilmington Seahawks word mark for me? Thank you. I see that people put colors down for the background color. I guess white.

Last edited 7 days ago by Jennifer

I did see them. The one says UNCW on the yellow. Was interested in just the ” Seahawks”. Thank you

Good day. Would you please make the UNF seal located on this page on a white background please? Thank you Stephen.

I understand. Thank you

I understand you not wanting to add it on your site, but as a favor would you do it for me separately? I have a Amazon account. Be willing to buy the hard notebook from your wish list for you.

Last edited 9 days ago by Haley

Stephen. Even though I don’t see any Canadian colleges on your site, would you be able to make one for the Saskatchewan Huskies? Thank you

Thank you very much. That turned out great.

Good weekend Stephen. Can you make this Thomas Terriers logo please. Will you choose a nice color to put it on? Thank you Stephen

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I would be more than happy to send you a donation for the wallpaper and your work. This is my personal email address, different from work one.

Morning Stephen. Would you be able to make this Southern Maine seal for me on a white background please? Thank you

Good day. One of the only wallpaper sites with a wide variety. Could you make a Brevard College Tornado wallpaper for me please. It’s a small liberal college. Thank you very much.

Stephen, thank you for the Blue Jay wallpaper. Would you be able to turn this updated Cornell seal into a wallpaper on a white background please? Thank you again

Hello Stephen. I noticed that you have a University of Buffalo wallpaper. Could you make this logo I found on Sportslogos please. Thank you.

Last edited 30 days ago by Mary

Hello Stephen. Would it be possible to make some University of Rochester Yellow Jacket (NY) wallpapers to your site? Thank you very much

Thank you so much for the Rochester wallpapers, they look fantastic. If I could ask one more favor. Would you be able to make this Niagara Purple Eagles on either a purple or white color. Thank you. Need to download the cash app, then I’ll send you a donation.

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What a huge selection of NCAA wallpapers. Was told by a former classmate that you had made a Embry Riddle wallpaper. Would you be able to make the ERAU seal (example posted) for me please on a blue background please. Thank you

Last edited 1 month ago by Sarah

I’m not a imposter, sorry. Just seeing if you would be kind enough to make the desktop background for me.

Good Saturday Stephen Question. Grew up in Daytona and went to Embry Riddle, could you please make some wallpapers for Embry Riddle Aeronautical? Thank you.

Stephen I see that you have a Naval Academy logo, Could you add this one please on a blue background possibly? Thank you

Evening. Would you be able to make this Air Force Academy lightning bolt for me please? Thank you

Stephen would you please make this Hawaii Warriors wordmark on a white background please? Thank you