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Desktop Wallpapers featuring European Soccer Clubs. (English Premier League can be found here and USA Soccer can be found here). With each of them, I did my best to mimic the home, away, and alt kit (a.k.a. uniform) design and color schemes. Please read updates and ‘liner notes’ at the bottom of the page before asking when things will be updated.

  • Requests can be submitted in the comments area but that does not mean they will be done.
  • Including a donation with your request does help. That said, it is still my site and I’ll determine what is worth adding to it.
  • Check the Change and Update Log for general updates to this collection.
  • If you do make a request, think about it and be specific.
    1. Try to find high quality image examples (minimum 600px wide)
    2. Don’t (!!) make two requests that could be submitted as one
    3. No re-do’s

Donations are warmly welcomed. Especially if you are planning on making a special request.   PayPal  Cash App  Amazon Wish List

Belgium (First Div A)
Denmark (Superliga)
France (Ligue 1)
Germany (Bundesliga)
Ireland (Irish Premier)

Italy (Serie A)
Netherlands (Eredivisie)
Spain (LaLiga)

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Change & Update Liner Notes

  • August 13, 2022 – France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands (except Feyenoord Away), and Spain are fully updated Home and Away. Across all leagues, I have updated 95% of Home kit wallpapers, 91% of Away, and 50% of Third kits. As the laggards release the remaining kits, I will update accordingly. Please don’t leave comments to this effect..they will eventually get updated/fixed. I’m keeping an eye on things.
  • Sept 10, 2021 – All European leagues on the page have been updated for 2021-22 based on what has been released to this date. There are a handful that still need to be done and I will get to them when I can. If you see something out in the wild, please feel free to drop a comment below.
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Still no expansion with any other leagues on your site.You need to add something new and fresh,Portugal Primeira Liga,or Austria,Switzerland,Sweden or Norway from European Leagues.
Also you can add section Soccer/South America with Brazilian and Argentinian Leagues,or Soccer/Asian with Japan,Korea and China Leagues.
If you don’t like these ideas,at least considering,adding 2nd divisions from the best European Leagues(Spain,Italy,Germany,France)


It’s already almost half of the season,and you didn’t change FC Barcelona third kit for 21-22 seasons,Jesus!!!

Brian Ridder

Hello! Is there any way you can add the Greek Super League to the European section? Please and thank you :)

Brian Ridder

Hey Stephen, Brian Ridder here again. I was curious about the crest Fiorentina (Italy) was sporting this year so I went to their webpage and got to their shop. I found out they have a FOURTH jersey they’re using as well! I’m including the link in case you’re interested in adding it to your Italian Teams Wallpaper section :) Thanks for listening :)

Brian Ridder

Hi Stephen! Just a heads up — PSG, Inter Milan and RB Leipzig all released their third kits today. Hope to see them here soon :)

Brian Ridder

Hi Stephen! Just noticed that you haven’t updated the third kit for Olympique de Marseille. It looks pretty plain, and Manchester City and one other team (I can’t remember which) have copied it. I’m sending you a link so you can see it in action (Marseille wore it yesterday vs. Monaco). Hope this helps.

Brian Ridder

Brian Ridder

Ah, got ya. Sorry for pointing out the obvious lol



Stephen. Evening. Would you be able to make some Italy National Team Jerseys please. Home or away is fine. Thank you.

Ryan Park