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Desktop Wallpapers featuring English and Scottish League teams (European Club teams can be found here and USA Soccer ones are here). With each, I did my best to mimic the home, away, and third kit (a.k.a. uniform) design and color schemes of each team. With some of the lower level teams, finding good quality versions of their logos can be challenging, which in turn impacts how the logo can be altered to match current kit designs. What is displayed is the best I could do.

If there are any English/Scottish League Soccer related Wallpapers you may want that are not below, leave a comment at the bottom of the page with your request and I’ll see what can be done. Check the page notes at the bottom for general updates of this collection. If you do make a request, think about it and be specific. Try to find high quality image examples. No re-do’s.

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English Premier


League One

League Two

National League

NOTE: I may or may not keep this section updated over time. Many logos of these teams are not of the highest quality because they are not easily found online. Please don’t leave comments to either of these effects.


NOTE: I may or may not keep this section updated over time. Many logos of these teams are not of the highest quality because they are not easily found online. Please don’t leave comments to either of these effects.


NOTE: I may or may not keep this section updated over time. Many logos of these teams are not of the highest quality because they are not easily found online. Please don’t leave comments to either of these effects.

Scottish Premier

Scottish Champ.

EPL Champs

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Change & Update Log

  • October 31, 2020 – Added teams from the English “National League” in the tab of the same name. Adding these teams and this tab is an experiment as I generally don’t have the time to keep this amount of wallpapers up to date. There may be teams in this tab that are not currently at the “National League” level. There may be wallpapers in this section that are out of date. Think of this tab as a ‘catch all’ for National League teams and others within the English Football ecosystem.
  • October 29, 2020 – EPL is fully updated finally with Burnley finally releasing their third kit. Also updated several wallpapers for Champ., League 1 and 2 teams as noted in comments below. Generally speaking, all home and away wallpapers are up to date and the vast majority of 3rd kit designs are also in place. Will continue to monitor but also looking to take a break until next season!
  • September 3, 2020 – Updated more than 75% of the EPL et al wallpapers…basically all kits that have been released for 20-21 season as of this date. Also updated Scottish Premier League.
  • June 26, 2020 – Added Liverpool FC Championship wallpaper to “Champs” tab. Go Reds!
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Shrewsbury Town have a new third kit.

Where can I send you some pics,of the 20/21 kits for the teams from England Non League,if you can convert them into a HD wallpapers,like others.

Last edited 9 months ago by VIP

Can you make a wallpapers like the teams from England Football League with their 20/21 kits and teams logos,for some of the best Non League teams,who had their history with EFL in the past.I have a list of 16 best and most popular Non League teams at the moment,and if you have time and opportunity to make it,it would be fantastic!!! So the list is:
1.Notts County,2 kits
2.Stockport County,3 kits
3.Yeovil Town,2 kits
4.Dagenham & Redbridge,2 kits
5.FC Halifax Town,3 kits
6.Wrexham FC,2 kits
7.Chesterfield FC,2 kits
8.Hartlepool United,2 kits
9.Barnet FC,2 kits
10.Torquay United,3 kits
11.Chester FC,2 kits
12.York City,3 kits
13.Hereford FC,3 kits
14.Darlington FC,2 kits
15.Scarborough Athletic,3 kits
16.AFC Rushden & Diamonds,2 kits

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Thanks for the old folder,beautiful job that you do again!!! I will appreciate in the future,if you decide to do some of the teams,that I mentioned.Take care and all good to you mate,Cheers!!!

You need to update League 1 football wallpapers.Charlton Atheltic have a deep blue third kit,MK Dons have a black away kit,Lincoln City have green third kit,and Oxford United have all white third kit.
Also Middlesbrough FC from Championship have a special white away kit,and Wallsall FC from League 2 have a yellow/gold third kit.

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You doin’ a great job.Thanks for the immediate updates.I will wait patiently for that Lincoln City third kit and Middlesbrough FC third kit respectively! CHEERS Mate!!!

Hi Stephen! Could you please make a Liverpool PL Champions wallpaper? Thanks.

Could you change the Villans logo, please. The authentic jersey logo is in the link. Its without the word ‘prepared’ and the lion is a little bit modified.

Dear Stephen,
watch the new Hammers home kit, please!
Could you please update West Ham United background into this lovely one..

Than you in advance, Stephen!

Stephen I saw that the official 3rd Tottenham jersey is out. I know you said you would have to use some creative licensing to do it. Was wondering if you could make it as a wallpaper. Thank you.

Stephen, it looks great. Thank you for all. You do great work!

Another favor please. Would you be able to do the Fulham alt kit, the red one please.

Stephen, how have you been. Saw that you have updated some soccer jerseys. Could you please update brorussia durmond and Barry town United please. Thank you.

Stephen, saw the new kits for Arsenal on fanatics.com here is the blue away, they also redid the home red. Was wondering if you could make it. https://www.fanatics.com/international-clubs/arsenal/mesut-%C3%B6zil-arsenal-puma-2018/19-away-replica-player-jersey-navy/o-19327988+t-58073458+p-585602979+z-9-3606841302

Hey Stephen, I just want to say thank you for all of your kits wallpapers. Like you I’m also a huge soccer fan. Look forward to see your upcoming 2018/2019 kit wallpapers. Thank you again. Who are you pulling for on Sunday in the final?

They look awesome. Great job as usual :) It’s almost like Xmas to see what the new kits will look like. They the club’s new kits look pretty cool.

Went to Footy Headlines and saw this. Looks hard to do, but looks pretty cool. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2017/12/nike-tottenham-hotspur-18-19-third-kit.html?m=1

Totally understand waiting for the official release. :)

Hey Stephen. I saw that Bolton and Everton 2018/19 away kits came out. Also, Southampton third kit came out. Hope you are doing well.

Hey, don’t worry about me doing that. I actually felt a little pushy about leaving it. I know you will take care of all of the updates as they happen:)

Olá Stephen. Quando você vai começar a lançar os wallpapers da temporada 18/19? Você pode fazer os wallpapers das seleções da Copa do Mundo?

Stephen, could you do a wallpaper for the 2017/2018 Tottenham spurs alt jersey. The logo is almost fluorescent. Thanks.

Hi Stephen!
The new wallpapers look great!!!. Is it possible to do them in both the home and away colours of each team? Thanks so much!

Hi Stephen. Have you got a wallpaper for MK Dons? I can’t see it anywhere

Hi Stephen,

Sorry for not clarifying!

Just thought that you could do them like NHL Stanley Cup wallpapers or something like that?
Thanks Stephen!

Hi SG Clark. Can you do Champions Edition PL wallpapers ? Thanks!

Hi , Stephen is it possible to do a Cheltenham Town wallpaper please ? Who are a league 2 team now . Thanks

Thanks Stephen. You can find the teams that got promoted and relagated from Wikipedia. If you type in Champonship 2015 – 2016 it should come up with teams . Do it for the rest aswell Stephen .

Please can you do me a massive favour and make the rest of the English Football League teams of 2015/16?!?

Can you update the Everton logo, please?

I downloaded the Chelsea FC wallpaper and tried to set it as my phone wallpaper, but when I zoomed in on it, it turned blurry. Can you try to fix it, so I don’t have this problem again, because I can’t find any other wallpapers.