Wallpaper Search Tools Sandbox

Below are a few search and navigation capabilities that I am testing out to try to improve the way people can find and discover many of the different wallpaper items that I have created and posted to the site. Consider this an experimental ‘sandbox’ page, meaning there may be bugs or empty results or all of the above. Once I get these capabilities configured and behaving to the way I want them to, I may then figure out a way to incorporate them into the overall functionality of the site. Hope this helps.

Image Search

Right now, this searches all media on my site, which includes images used in blog posts. Ideally, I’d like it to only search Wallpapers I have created however that may require me to tag all those images which is a daunting task.

Enter a search value above to search site images. This includes wallpapers and images used in blog posts.

Media Tag Cloud

Below are the all media categories that my Wallpaper images have been organized under. In most cases, the Wallpapers created here are logically organized by the name of the league or topic of the Wallpaper collection in the tag cloud below. Click a term below to see an output gallery of the related images. Gallery will render/appear above the tag cloud. I'm not sure yet how to reset the page to stop displaying the last tag/gallery you chose other than removing everything after the "?" in the page URL and reloading the page.