MLS Wallpapers Updated for 2020 Season

A touch late after the kickoff of the 2020 MLS season but I have updated all the Home/Away wallpapers to resemble the kits for the full slate of MLS teams. As always, I took a little ‘artistic license’ with some of them however you should find that they all are true to their 2020 kit designs.

Some random thoughts: Piling on with the hatred of the new Chicago Fire logo and highly bland kit designs….I think I like the Toronto FC away kits the best out of the whole league…with the Houston Dynamo’s funky orange striped ones a close second (so funky, I could not replicate it on my version of their wallpaper…will have to revisit it one day soon)…still can’t believe that the NE Revs still have that horrid 1990s faux painted logo…No surprise that Sporting FC has the most elegant, sharpest kit designs.

Here’s to a solid MLS year ahead and hope that keeps momentum for USA soccer as we look to 2022.

NFL Uniform Concepts

New England Patriots 7

For the 2012 NFL season, the league will be switching over from Reebok to Nike as the official uniform supplier/designers for the 32 NFL teams. I don’t know how legit these concepts are, but here are all sorts of uniform concepts/suggestions for each of the NFL teams from a user named Lil Phil on Flickr.

AFC East
National Football Conference (NFC)
Full Set of Photo Concepts

What I like about all of the uniforms is that there is a similar style or motif to each of the uniform designs, while still keeping the distinct and unique attributes of each of the team brands.