Tweets of the Week

  • getting used to wearing glasses #
  • The weather is miserable, but wow…a ton of empty seats at Yankee Stadium for a Red Sox – Yanks game #
  • Getting home from day at Pinball Wizards convention in PA. Good time! Got crushed on Parsec 4 :) #
  • Heading to the annual Pinball Convention in Allentown, PA. A full day of playing pinball and classic video games! #

Tweets of the Week

  • Tampa Bay has opened up a can-o-whup ass on the Red Sox this evening #
  • Just saw woman txting while driving @ top speed on NJ Tpke. Her knee was guiding wheel, head down and both hands on her mobile. #
  • Hanley Ramirez hit in wrist today…not good for my fantasy team. At least the wrist is not broken. #
  • Sweep! Not only sweeping the Yanks but the Sox swept their 9 game homestand. #
  • Out all day doing yard work and finishing the raised garden. I am very sore. Fearing tomorrow AM. Ibuprofen is my friend. #
  • Was told this weekend by my eye Dr that I need glasses for the fine print. Not exactly thrilled with this diagnosis. New specs on order. #
  • finished building and filling in the raised garden out in the backyard. Now just need to plant some stuff in it #
  • Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkk!!! Nice comeback win for the Sox!!! #
  • yeee haa! Jason Bay takes Mo waaaaay down town bang!! #

Tweets of the Week

  • New GOOG Mobile app uses your current location to influence and customize results. #
  • How great would it be if Pavano shut down the Yanks today after the 22 spot CLE put on them yesterday #
  • That Susan Boyle video has almost 30 Million hits on YouTube. And that’s not counting the copies up there. #

Tweets of the Week

  • Bumming that Flynn, Harris & Devendorf leaving SU hoops. They could have been a contender :) #
  • Liking fun idea @…everyone takes on assignment and posts results #
  • Reveling in the fact that it’s the weekend #

Tweets Of The Week

  • Updates to Gmail Mobile look cool…if you have an iPhone. No Blackberry love with this release. I need an iPhone. #
  • Lets hope Mr. Shearer can help Newcastle avoid getting relegated this year. #
  • Now everything on FB has comments, including Wall Posts. #
  • Something is up with Twitter. Tweets from past two weeks are gone. #
  • wow, UNC is romping. It may be over already. #
  • Looking forward to a good NCAA final game. Bummed no Big East teams made it. #

Tweets This Week

  • Lots of empty seats at the Sweet 16. Amazing! #
  • Best thing about the Orangemen is that they are all underclassmen…everyone is coming back next year. #
  • Lets go Orange! All set for the SU v OU game! #
  • ‘Nova is looking good. Send Duke home. #
  • Is praying that Pitt does not lose. My bracket will be crushed if they lose. #
  • Surfing through That site needs some work, although it appears they have bigger fish to fry these days. :-) #

Twitter Officially Mainstream

Its official. Twitter has hit the mainstream in a big way. Some will argue that it hit mainstream when Britney and Shaq started “tweeting”. But within the past week, there have been extensive articles from Will Leitch of NY Magazine and the NY Times’ David Pogue.

I think the coolest thing about Twitter is the ability to search topics in real time to see what peeps are talking about. Its also interesting in the way Twitter is subtly turning into a real time search resource as I noted earlier.

A Challenge to Google?

This is a very interesting post about how Twitter search is dirupting Google from Silicon Alley Insider.

…time and time again disruptive business confuse adjacent innovation for disruptive innovation. They think they are still disrupting when they are just innovating on the same theme that they began with. As a consequence they miss the grass roots challenger, the real disruptor to their business. The company who is disrupting their business doesn’t look relevant to the billion dollar franchise, it’s often scrappy and unpolished, it looks like a sideline business, and often its business model is TBD. With the AOL story now unraveled, I now see search as fragmenting and Twitter search doing to Google what broadband did to AOL…

Obviously, Twitter is still in search of its business model, while Google is one of the most profitable companies in business. But the idea that something like Twitter could truly disrupt Google is a fascinating concept.

Twitter Spam

Is there a word for Twitter spam? Is it “SPIM” like in the Instant Messenger world? Over the past week or two, I’ve received a healthy dose of random, obviously commercial, spammers asking me to follow them on Twitter. And its getting annoying. From listening to TWIT, I know that there is a big competition in the Twitter world to get the most “followers”. I’m all for legitimately building up a following for your own personal Twitter soapbox, but please, don’t force it down people’s throats.