London Underground Stations

File this under “content you didn’t realize you needed”.

For some reason, I have taken my hobby of creating computer desktop wallpapers to both the next level and to the depths of London town, as I have created desktop wallpapers representing each and every station in the London Underground system. They are done in two “flavors” – one that has the Tube stop logo overlaid on top of a map of the whole system. The other has the Tube stop logo with a ‘subway tile’ background.

Why did I do this? I’m still trying to figure that out. I guess it is just a romanticism with the city of London, and it’s eponymous Tubes system. I love the simplicity of their branding and logo system. I love the complexity of their subway map, underlying the utter chaos that is the street system of London itself. I love the small, unique neighborhoods of London as much as I like the grand spaces like Piccadilly and Hyde Park.

So if you’ve ever spent time in London, and you had/have a Tube stop that you can call your own, head on over to my London Underground page, find your station, and download it and decorate your computer or your iPad or your iPhone.

2nd Avenue Subway

A pretty awesome compilation of photos (including the one above) from NYC’s MTA and their official photographer Patrick Cashin (I wonder if he’s related to Wall Street ‘soundbyte’ legend Art Cashin).

The 2nd Avenue Subway line is a project that actually goes back some 90 years but has been rife with delays and issues. Finally, the city is making some serious progress on the project. For anyone who has taken a ride on the 4-5-6 Lexington Ave. line during rush hour, the 2nd Avenue line can’t come soon enough.