Its Sinking In

The significance of the Red Sox come back victory over the Yankees this week is slowly sinking in. The past two days at work have been fairly unproductive because I have been in such a state of delerious bliss. I have printouts of various photos, images, and web site pages taped all over my desk area. I have this hilarious PhotoShopped image of the moment when A-Rod is slapping the ball from Bronson Arroyo’s mitt, where there is a handbag hanging on his left forearm. I am zinging the numerous friends of mine who are Yankee fans, who have so mercilessly zinged me over the years. I am zinging Yankee fans that I barely know. Its just a wonderful time.

The last time the Red Sox were in the World Series was when I was a Freshman in college. I only hope that it will not be another 18 years until their next visit. I am going to savor this time, I am going to root like I never have for my Red Sox. Its going to be a great series. I have a lot of respect for the St. Louis Cardinals franchise, team and the city. But the Sox are going to win…they have to win, they must win.

The Series

Tonight begins another chapter in the Yankees versus Red Sox series. While there is great anamosity between the franchises and the players, I refrain from calling it a rivalry because as we all know, the results have been pretty lopsided since the Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees back in 1918. Over the past few years, its been a dead heat, but on the long term, the Yanks and their 26 Championships is pretty daunting.

I am approaching this with an open mind. I am a Red Sox fan, so I know not to do too much yapping until it’s over. I think the Sox have as good a chance as any to win this series, and right now, that is as far ahead as I am looking.