Pleistocene Fossils In Colorado

A massive set of fossils has been found near Aspen, CO that date back 75,000-125,000 years. They were discovered during the construction of a reservoir dam near Snomass, CO.

In the span of 70 days, when the archaeologists got to dig the site, they found over 4,500 fossils from mammoths, mastodons, bison, camels and other massive creatures from the Pleistocene ice age

Here at Snowmastodon, as the site is called, the human clock ran partly on adrenaline, with 50 or more shovel-wielding scientists, volunteers and interns from the Denver Museum pawing the lake bed on a typical day. Their goal: sift 7,000 tons of sediment, 35 feet worth to the bottom of the glacial scrape, by the deadline.

Something very big, a mammoth tusk taller than LeBron James, a partial mastodon skull half the size of a Smart Car, was turning up every few days. By the end, more than 4,500 fossil specimens from 20 different animals were hauled out.