Sox vs. Yanks

Big weekend up on Yawkey Way in Boston with the Red Sox and Yanks holding a 5 game series.

Massacre Alert:: Oh man, what a fiasco. Three Four Five straight drubbings at the hands of the Yankees. This is definitely the Son of the Boston Massacre, although the Sox did not blow a 14 game division lead this time. There’s always 2007.

Great article in the Friday 8/18/2006 NY Times, where writer John Branch tried to define the physical border across Connecticut, NY State, and Massacusetts between Red Sox Nation and Yankee Country (I won’t go into how “Red Sox Nation” sounds so much cooler than “Yankee Country”…). And be sure to watch the accompanying video as that is also very entertaining.

Poetic Justice

In a twist that you just could not script any better, the Red Sox and the Yankees will kick off the 2005 season at Yankee Stadium. Then, and this is where it gets fun, the Red Sox will play the Yankees at the 2005 home opener at Fenway Park, which also happens to be when the Red Sox will be receiving their World Series rings. Nothing could be finer than having Jeter, A-Fraud, et al sitting through the ceremonies when the Red Sox get their rings and raise the World Championship banner at Fenway. Teddy Ballgame is smiling down on us.

Update: The below video is of Opening Day at Fenway Park in 2005, when Mariano Rivera was announced before the game. The reaction of the Red Sox fans (vigorous roars and ovations!!) to Rivera’s introduction, but more importantly, Mo’s wide smile and reaction to the cheering, is just fantastic. I love everything about this video and it makes me smile every time I watch it.

Bambino’s Curse

One of my favorite Red Sox blogs/web sites will be signing off now that the Red Sox have won the World Series and effectively ended “The Curse”. The blog, appropriately named The Bambino’s Curse, will be shutting its doors according to its last post. Not to worry, the site will still be there for people to view, read and enjoy. But there will be no future contributions since, for all intense and purposes, the focal point of the site (a Red Sox fan’s lament of not winning the World Series) was made obsolite with the Red Sox’ amazing run to the 2004 World Series Championship.