A Tale of Four Pitchers

This weekend, the Red Sox were down in the Bronx taking on the Yankees in a typical late August four game series. The teams split the series, with each team winning two games. But here is the interesting thing. The two winning pitchers for the Red Sox were Clay Buchholtz and John Lester, who combined earn about $4MM a year. The Red Sox losing pitchers were Josh Beckett and John Lackey, who combined make around $30MM a year. Now that’s NOT getting your money’s worth.


I am impressed. The Red Sox picked up Curt Schilling yesterday after three days of begging him to join the team and waive his no-trade clause in his contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks. I think the best part of this deal is the fact that it was done in complete “stealth mode” by the Red Sox front office and it totally blindsided the NY Yankees. I would love to have seen Steinbrenner’s face when the deal was announced, and eventually completed. Costanza, aka Brian Cashman, just did not get it done and once again Theo Epstein, the GM of the Red Sox, has landed the first punch with this one right between the eyes. Now, about that A-Rod to the Red Sox rumor…

Update: We all know how that ended and history will tell us that it was the best for both franchises.