Wither The McFlurry

People, we have an issue. I mean, even the Wall Street Journal is talking about it ($$).

It appears that there is a growing situation at McDonalds and it has to do with the McFlurry – that wonderful dessert combo of soft serve ice cream and Oreos or M&Ms or Rolos (yum!) mixed into an ice creamy combination that checks all the boxes. It appears that in McDonald’s nation, there is a rampant issue with the McFlurry mixing machine. It is not being used by McDonalds employees as they prep McFlurries. Now, soft serve ice cream with one of those aforementioned toppings is nothing to ignore, but when the expectation is that they will all be mixed together into the concoction that is the McFlurry, and that is not being done on a national basis, that is cause for grave concern.

According to UnderUnderstood, the McFlurry Index is currently at 41%, meaning that for every 10 McFlurries that are ordered, only 4 of them are actually getting mixed. Yes, there is a mechanism to track this – as there is a mechanism to track everything these days.

The core issue here is that the mixing machine for the McFlurry uses the uniquely designed spoon to actually mix the dessert. So when the mixing machine is ‘broken’ or actually, legitimately broken, the mechanism to mix everything is useless. So the McDonalds employees punt and just throw the ‘add in’ on top of the ice cream instead of mixing it together. Heresy!

So what can be done to rectify this national emergency? First, you can record the “McFlurriness” of your McFlurry here (the source of the above Flurry Index). As of this post date, we’re at a 41% ‘flurry index’. Absolutely unacceptable. If McDonald’s has any Six Sigma black belts in their employ, they would surely be freaking out at this defect rate.

Then, you can take these statistics and contact McDonalds corporate offices and vent frustration.

Do not take this lightly, people. The McFlurry needs to be ‘flurried’!!

A Burger and Seaweed Fries Please

Some interesting visuals and descriptions of different food offerings on McDonald’s menus from around the world.  I don’t think I’ll be going for the “Seaweed Flavored Fries” from Japan. I’m not sure what to make of the McSpaghetti – spaghetti soaked in sugar. And if you are in Hawaii, be sure to get the Spam, Eggs and Cheese McGriddles.  Spam, spam, spam, spam…wonderful spam!

I’m Into Nuggets Y’All

So about a year ago I was at the WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) conference in San Francisco, and I heard about this hilarious video of two guys rapping about how “into Nuggets” they are while standing outside a McDonald’s (which I believe happens to be across the street from Wrigley Field).

Update: Guy on the right is Thomas Middleditch from Silicon Valley

Tonight, I was watching the MLB All-Star Homerun Derby and, low and behold, what shows up on the tube but a McDonald’s ad featuring the exact same video. Once again, it appears citizen marketers and user generated content has made it mainstream.