Neon Museum

Vegas is the undisputed capitol of gaudy neon signs of all shapes and sizes. But where do the neon signs go when their time on “The Strip” have run their course? I’m glad you asked.

The letters appear here in the outdoor “boneyard” of the Neon Museum, just past a time-rubbed Aladdin’s lamp and a shattered signature of tubed glass that once heralded the Liberace Museum. A boneyard is an outdoor graveyard for discarded hardware and spare parts; in this case it contains the relics of an age of neon in a town that transmuted inert gases into things nearly alive.

The Neon Museum opened in the Fall of 2012 and seems to be worth a visit, along with the Mob Museum, on the Las Vegas Museum circuit.


Tiger’s Odds

Tiger Woods is finally breaking his silence after three months in seclusion after his well publicized SUV accident and alternate life as “Fred Garvin, Male Prostitue“. What I love is that bookies actually have lines on several items related to this story:

A British bookmaker has set odds at 4-to-7 that Woods wife, Elin, will be with him. William Hill didn’t stop there, however. It offers 8-to-1 odds that Woods will announce he is getting a divorce, 12-to-1 odds that his wife is pregnant and 100-to-1 odds that he is retiring.

Can this story be delivered on a bigger silver platter to the comedians of today?