This is just dripping with irony:

VentureBeat has learned that job search startup Simply Hired has laid off approximately 20 percent of its staff, according a source close to the company

But wait, there’s more:

In a second case of irony, Simply Hired owns the website When you go to, the site re-directs to With regard to the layoffs, that’s unfortunate.

via VentureBeat.

The Next Chapter

The past few weeks have been amazingly crazy. The main reason for the craziness is that I was offered, and I accepted, a job at America Online. I will be working on their AOL Instant Messenger product as a Senior Product Manager, focusing primarily on rolling out additional consumer services and features to the AIM user base. The source of the craziness is not the job, but the fact that we will be moving to Northern Virginia, as the job is located at the AOL headquarters in Dulles, VA. In the end, the opportunity was just too interesting for me to pass by. It was also obvious that, even with the recent troubles from the AOL-Time Warner merger, AOL is just a great company that seems to really focus on their employees. Neither my wife nor I have ever lived south of New Jersey, so this is going to be quite a lifestyle change from what we are used to. I think it will be a good move for my family once the dust settles. I look forward to getting started with this new chapter in my career, and I am excited to explore the Washington DC and Northern VA area!

Frustration with the Job Search

I have been getting supremely frustrated with my job search. I do not think i have ever experienced anything quite like this. at least I know I am not alone since the unemployment rate is the highest its been in years. It is also reassuring that it was economic reasons that put me in this situation rather than performance issues. I know, or have heard of, many extremely talented people with backgrounds far more impressive than mine who have been out of work. A friend told me that the recession in the early 1990’s cut the fat from corporations, while this recession (we are still in a recession, even though the economists say otherwise) has been more widespread and I think he is right. I will continue to plug along and I am confident that something will happen and I will catch a break sometime soon! click here to go to my resume.


Today I went into NYC to have an informational interview at a major ad agency. The person I met was introduced to me by my former media director at McCaffrey & McCall. it was a productive meeting and I think it may lead to something in the future. we shall see. being unemployed has been a very frustrating process, but the only reassurance is the fact that iknow i am not alone. in fact, it was recently reported that unemployment benefits have reached the highest level in 20 years.