Ready, AIM, Miss

Granted, the whole “instant communications” sector is going through a major upheaval as there are so so many options for people to use these days – Pinger, FaceTime, Facebook IM, Text Messaging, Skype, ooVoo, and on and on – but wow, AOL Instant Messenger’s usage has fallen 64% over the past year.

Whoever is to blame, the truth is that there has been no bigger missed opportunity in the technology business than AOL Instant Messenger. There’s an investor we (ed: SAI) know in New York who swears AOL blew it when it didn’t turn AIM into a full-on Skype competitor.

When I briefly worked at AOL and on the IM product, it was sometimes referred to as AOL’s “800 pound gorilla” because it had so so many registered users that AOL had no idea what to do with. I guess they never figured out what to do with them and now their once dominant market position has eroded in a major way.


Google Talk

Google delivered a new IM client today called Google Talk. Maybe its a good think I left AOL and the IM world. I mean, I’d definitely be up for the challenge, but Google is becoming quite a formiddable foe in the online world. There were some interesting articles in the NY Times this morning discussing how Google is becoming “very Microsoft”.

Question: – Is anyone out there on Google Talk?!? Let me know as I want to try it out!!