Wiggling In Their Seats

After what happened in Connecticut last week, I find it pretty interesting that many of the politicians who are gun advocates and pro-gun associations have been awfully quiet over the past few days:

The National Rifle Association has been largely silent since the shootings on Friday morning. On Monday, the home page of its Web site contained a blog post from Nov. 27, titled “More Guns, Less Crime in Virginia” and the association’s Twitter account, which is normally active, has not sent a message since Friday.

More interesting to me though is what Jason Kottke posted on his site, referencing an article by John Lee Anderson, who asks “What is our national threshold for shame?”.

I’m thinking some crazy dude breaking his way into an Elementary school and gunning down 20 6 and 7 year olds, plus 7 adults, is pretty high on the shame threshold list.

Shaken And Stirred

Someone has taken the time to count the number of gunshots fired at James Bond (aka Agent 007) throughout all 22 Bond movies.

It turns out that there have been over 4,600 shots fired at him.

A static well-aimed shot would almost certainly have proved lethal, but assuming all 4,662 were “on the run”, the probability of a single fatal shot is about 5 per cent. That is, the chance of a single shot missing is 0.95, and hence the probability of all shots missing is 0.954662 or 1.4 10-104, which is as close to zero as makes no difference

Now, about all of those Bond Girls he has gotten to know so well.

via New Scientist by way of NextDraft.

A Bud And A Colt 45 to Go

The Arizona legislature has just sent a bill to the Governor that would allow concealed guns in bars.

Critics of the measure say guns and alcohol are a dangerous combination. “We don’t let people drink and drive, why should we let them drink and carry guns?” said Sen. Paula Aboud, D-Tucson, who voted against the bill.

Ah, really?…a dangerous combination? Nothing makes me more comfortable than going into a bar full of gun totin’ drunken fools. It may truly be the Wild Wild West.

Guns & Ammo

So I was on the bus coming home from work the other day. I was tuned out with my iPod listening to one of my numerous podcasts…or maybe it was my tunes I was listening to. As I scanned my eyes around the other passengers, I couldn’t help but notice this guy reading Guns & Ammo like it was Time Magazine or Sports Illustrated. I mean, he was intently looking over what I would presume to be reviews of new models of guns, in the same way I would read PC Magazine to learn about the newest computers. There were close ups of the barrels and the triggers. There were reviews of different guns, articles about hunting, and other stuff…but all about guns.

I don’t know why I’m posting about this. Maybe it just freaked me out to see someone reading about guns in public while commuting home from New York City. Maybe it caught me off guard. It did get me thinking however…does this guy have a gun in his home? Is it in his briefcase? Does he have a license? Is he looking to buy a gun? Why would he be doing that? Is he a Charlton Heston loving NRA leftist?