Eco Friendly Pavilion in Taipei

An architectural firm in Taiwan designed and built an eco friendly campus of pavilions to be used this year for a gardening expo:

Taiwanese architectural office bioarch formosana has designed and completed the build of a group of eco-friendly pavilions at this years taipei international gardening and horticulture exposition. located in shingsheng park, a municipal park with rich vegetation, the starting point of the design was to conserve as many existing trees on site as possible. another key aim during the development process was to approach building a large scale pavilion with the smallest carbon footprint possible, enforcing a cradle to cradle mentality into practice.

photos and reference via designboom.

Corporate Social Value

There is an emerging metric bubbling to the top that I find interesting. A non-profit team has developed a Goodguide metric, which measures the “corporate stewardship” of a company and its products.

You could say social value is how well a company practices good corporate stewardship, something the typical may not concern himself with in the aisles of Walmart, but early adopters, buzz-spreaders and health-involved purchasers often do. For GoodGuide, good corporate stewardship includes product ingredients free of carcinogens, aren’t brought to market via cruel animal testing and whose packaging is environmentally friendly.

It will be interesting to see if this really catches on and if consumers will actually lean on this in their purchase decision making process.