Freddie Mercury, Comic Book Hero

Image source: Butcher Billy on Behance (link below)

From artist Butcher Billy, a fantastic collection of ‘pulp’ comic book cover illustrations honoring Freddie Mercury. Each one depicts a comic styled illustration themed off of one of Queen’s classic songs or lyrics.

Similarly, screenwriter Todd Alcott developed a series honoring the late, great David Bowie. You can even purchase prints of the Bowie series on Alcott’s Etsy page!

The Internet never ceases to amaze.

Restored Version of Queen At Live Aid

A beautifully restored version of the quintessential Queen performance at LiveAid in July of 1985. If you are curious, you can see a comparison of the original video and the new one just to see the improvement.

From Chief Mouse, the person who did the restoration:

Fixed the line interference issues, microphony or however you want to call it. This Queen performance deserves to be viewed at its best, so naturally I did my best to bring this project to fruition. Also included the introductory parts. The audio is BBC FM broadcast for everything except for ending of CLTCL, WWRY (I like the loud audience in the DVD mix) and ITTWWC due to feedback and technical issues.

Chief Mouse

Queen has been receiving a lot of love recently as a result of the release of Bohemian Rhapsody and Rami Malek’s Oscar nominated winning performance portraying Freddie Mercury, and I think it is well deserved. Queen is one of the great bands in rock and roll history that were never fully appreciated.