Firefox 1.0

If you have not heard all the buzz, there’s a new browser on the block. Mozilla’s Firefox 1.0 was released this week to much fanfare. Its garnered articles in USA Today and in an ingeneous marketing move, they have taken donations from over 10,000 people to fund a grassroots advertising campaign with placements in The NY Times among other publications. And the best part is that Firefox has made some serious inroads on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer domination of the browser market. I have my Firefox button on the sidebar of this site, so if you have not yet done so, download it now! And the best part? Its an amazing browser!! It supports RSS feeds, it has tabbed browsing which is just a super convenient feature, its a very light application, and it loads pages super quick. You may never go back.

Update: The Support Firefox site seems to be having a bit of trouble under all the publicity that the site and browser is generating recently. Hopefully it will be back up soon.


As most tech fans know, and its open source browser product has been making some serious inroads into the browser marketplace. In a relatively stunning market shift, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has lost almost 5% marketshare as Mozilla’s Firefox has drawn fans away. With all the security issues that Microsoft has with their code, its not surprsing that people are looking elsewhere. And my personal review on Firefox is that it is an impressive product with some really neat features including a RSS reader. Download Firefox and give it a shot!