Crowdsourced Map of Boston

Boston is well known for it’s distinctive neighborhood residents and the sheer insanity in which the streets in that city are laid out. And with this combination comes the question of what are the streets that define the “boundaries” each neighborhood?

Some cartographers over at Bostonography took to crowdsourcing the answer to that question by asking people/residents what their definition of specific neighborhoods were and then plotting the results based on the confidence that the people expressed of their point of view.

It is a wicked pissah analysis.

Via Bostonography

South of the Border

Folks who live along the border (I mean, literally ON the border) of North Carolina and South Carolina are running into some issues because the states are re-calibrating the exact location of their shared border. One morning, these folks are paying South Carolina taxes and the next, they are citizens of North Carolina. At first, this may seem trivial, however for one guy who owns a gas station on land that he thought was in South Carolina, this border war is a major issue:

For example, one man owns land where he built a gas station in what he thought was South Carolina, but is now revealed to be North Carolina. He says his station will be worthless due to higher gas taxes in North Carolina, and that the business-boosting sales of fireworks is now illegal.

The governments of each of the states are assuring all people impacted (roughly 90) by the shift of the border will “be taken care of”, whatever that means. At least those folks who are unexpectedly becoming citizens of North Carolina can now support a basketball program (UNC – Chapel Hill) that has had decidedly more success than the program at the University of South Carolina.

Via Consumerist

Google Maps

Google continues to expand the services it offers and is rapidly becoming more than just a search engine. Granted, every product that Google releases is driven by search but they definitely encroaching onto the world of the portal. Case in point is Google Maps which is actually a pretty impressive yet simple maps product. One really cool feature is that when the location you are looking for has been generated, you are able to “grab” the map and move it around similar to how you can do that for Adobe PDF documents. That is very helpful when you want to get a sense of the surroundings of where you are looking for. It eliminates the supremely annoying functionality on Mapquest, Yahoo Maps of having to click the N/E/S/W arrows to move around the map.