Irrelevant Football

About a year ago, I posted about how far Syracuse’s football program has fallen. And as the college football season begins its fifth week, the Syracuse program is following up a poor 2003 season with a pathetic 2004 season. And to reinforce my sentiments, today I saw two articles referencing Syracuse’s fall from grace. In USA Today, Michael Hiestead noted a sound byte from John Saunders of ABC who stated that “Syracuse has fallen off the face of the college football world”.

And in today’s NY Times, there was an article noting how far Syracuse has fallen after their most recent thrashing at the hands of the University of Virginia.

I said it last year, and I will say it again this year: Pasqualoni must go.

Further Downfall of A Football Program

Well, it seems as though Syracuse’s Coach Pasqualoni is going to stay around. That is just pathetic and shows how spineless that AD Jake Crouthamel really is. The SU Football program needs a change and that starts at the top. Pasqualoni is just not going to take the program to the level of the elete national programs like Miami, Oklahoma, Michigan and others. As I have said previously, at least its basketball season.

Downfall of a Football Program

You know things are bad when you lose to Rutgers. But my alma mater Syracuse did not just lose to Rutgers, they got beaten pretty badly by them. Syracuse plays Notre Dame next week which should be an interesting game but probably, and hopefully, the last in the tenure of Coach Pasqualoni. Coach P has never, and will never, get the program to the elite level of college football that it was well on its way to achieving in the early and mid 1990’s. With relatively few true major programs in the northeast, Syracuse has an opportunity to do what their basketball program has done, but they need a new coach to get moving back in the direction they were headed.