Being down in the Virginia area, I am experiencing the invasion of the Brood #10 Cicadas into this area. Supposedly they are present in the Midwest and Northeast states, but not nearly at the volume as down here in the Washington DC/MD/NoVA area. These are amazingly huge bugs that latch on to roots of trees underground and only appear every seventeen years (that alone is an amazing natural evolution). And this is the seventeenth year since they last showed up. They emerge from the ground for about six weeks and then they die off and start the cycle again. The amazing aspect of this is the volume of noise that these bugs make….its like a low pitched humming sound that permiates the area. It sounds almost like what you would imagine a UFO to sound like. Its an interesting evolution but I look forward to when this process is complete and we can get back to enjoying the silence.

What?!? A Buggy Microsoft App?

I find it utterly hysterical and ironic that for some strange reason, I can not log onto Microsoft’s Hotmail, via their “wonderful” Passport authentication system, from the version of Internet Explorer that is on my computer, yet I can successfully log on when using Netscape. My Hotmail account is a spam account anyway, and I rarely use it for anything but signing up for sites I have limited interest in, so its not a big deal. But it is humorous none the less.