Happy Birthday to Blog

In a few short days, on July 9th, this blog will celebrate its First Birthday! I can’t believe that I have had this blog up for a year. When I first thought about doing this, I did not know what I would write, what I would post or if it would be of any redeeming value to anyone except myself. And from the traffic reports to the site, it seems that the numbers support that fact. :-) But what a year it has been, I must say. I have redesigned the site a few times, I have expanded the content, I have learned a ton about HTML, JavaScript, and most importantly CSS. And I have reserved my own domain and am now using it!! I have arrived!

Some of the commentary and items that I have discussed here are both boring, mundane and to someone out there, hopefully interesting and useful. I think the biggest problem I am facing what I should focus the subject matter of my posts on. I talk about sports, movies, personal items, random links, web design, web trends, marketing trends and other stuff. Maybe that is the voice I want for this blog. A little of this and a little of that. I will figure it out in short order. In any case, Happy First Birthay sgclark.com blog. Write on!!

My First Post

This is my first blog. I have no idea what will become of this exercise or my site in general. This could get very boring very quickly, or maybe I could engage you in some amazingly useless idle banter. All I hope is that if someone comes to my site, they do not say “this is why the internet is useless and a waste of space.” So with that, surf on.