Bubba Likes Soccer

Former President Bill Clinton was in South Africa to take in the US team’s amazing victory in the World Cup. After the game, he visited the US team’s locker room in what was described as a “surreal” experience and visit for the US team:

Someone handed the former President a soda. He put his arm around Donovan. He sought out coach Bob Bradley. The party went on. Clinton wound up just hanging out for 45 minutes; some think he would’ve stayed hours longer if, you know, the guys didn’t have to actually get dressed.

Bubba gave a speech and told the team that they “made him proud to be an American”. Let’s hope that this is the additional motivation the US team needs to make a nice run deep into the Elimination stage of the World Cup.


Man, Bubba loves the spotlight of politics (posting this after watching him at the DNC in Denver this evening). I think if Bill Clinton had his way, he would have repealed the two term limits on Presidents and ran for a third term. Hell, he could be onto a 4th term by now, unless of course his “slick little Willy” got him in more trouble than the Lewinsky/cigar episode.