Cars 2 Coming In 2011

Pixar will be releasing Cars 2 in 2011. Just what my house needs, more Cars toys strewn across the floor. The plot of the animated sequel:

[John] Lasseter mentioned that he came up with the idea for the sequel while traveling around the world doing publicity for the first film. He wondered how the characters would react in various locations all over the world. Cars 2 will follow Tow Mater getting his passport and traveling to Europe with Lightning McQueen.

Finding Nemo

My daughter Rebecca is obsessed with Nemo from the movie Finding Nemo which was developed by Pixar and Disney. We have taken her to see the movie three times and she has made it to the end only once. And the most amazing thing is that the character Nemo is barely in the movie! Nemo, Elmo, Dora….the characters that a 2 year old obsesses about!