Asurion provides device insurance/protection services for wireless and mobile products from carriers such as AT&T, Cricket, Verizon, and US Cellular. They also provide extended warranties for appliances and other household purchases from retailers such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Guitar Center and others. So when you are at a wireless carrier retail outlet and you are asked if you want to buy insurance on your phone for ~$5/month, that white label service is probably provided by Asurion.

I joined Asurion in January 2013 and as of that time, the company had never had a dedicated Online Marketing team. I was part of a small 5 member Online Marketing team that was tasked with driving best practices and standards across the organization so we could drive efficiency within the overall Online channel. My primary responsibility was to manage and produce the company’s website along with some additional site properties as I have detailed below.

Company Re-Branding and Website Redesign

A key initiative that I led was the re-design of as part of an overall company merger and re-branding in late 2013 and early 2014. Asurion had acquired NEW (National Electronic Warranty) in 2007 and after seven years, decided to operationally merge the two organizations under the Asurion brand. The online channel and the company website was the first property within the organization that implemented the new brand architecture.

I led that overall initiative in partnership with my teammates on the Online team (Design, Analytics, SEO/Search Optimization) and the online development and engineering team, while also engaging internal business partners and leadership. The initiative included, but was not limited to, the following:

  • Migrating to a new CMS
  • Merging two corporate websites and content
  • New information architecture, site map and user interface/interaction design
  • Mobile responsive design and optimization
  • Project and program management

Below are images of the Asurion website before and after the redesign.

Asurion Careers

As part of the company redesign initiative, I partnered with the Human Resources team to develop and deploy an Asurion Careers website. Prior to this, the Asurion Careers area was a section of the primary site – the HR team never had a dedicated web experience to drive prospective candidates to so they could learn more about the organization. We launched the Asurion Careers site in October 2014.

Asurion Careers
Asurion Careers

Asurion Blog

Prior to my joining Asurion, the company had never had a blog and online forum to quickly publish relevant content. In early 2013, and prior to the company rebranding, I led the development and deployment of the Asurion company blog. This property proved critical in our social media programs as we were able to publish relevant content and deploy it across Twitter and Facebook.

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