What’s Going On Now?

  • Amazing road trip to Asheville, NC during first week of Jan
  • Getting back into swing of being back at work :|
  • Finished Anderson Cooper’s book “Vanderbilt”
  • Still contemplating starting to Journal with DayOne or another similar app
  • New Year’s resolution to go through stuff in house and remove things that not needed any more

Internet BS Generator

All you gotta do is properly set the mis-match adapter Authoritatively Brand Stand-alone Schemas

Harry Potter Healing Spells

Name: Anapneo
Incantation: Anapneo
Effect: Clears target's airway

Name: Brackium Emendo
Incantation: Brackium Emendo
Effect: Mends bones

Name: Episkey
Incantation: Episkey
Effect: Heals minor injuries

Name: Entrail-Expelling Curse
Effect: Expels entrails (presumably)

Name: Bandaging Charm
Incantation: Ferula
Effect: Bandages target

Name: Reparifors
Incantation: Reparifors
Effect: Healed minor magically induced ailments

Name: Vulnera Sanentur
Incantation: Vulnera Sanentur
Effect: Slows blood flow; Clears residue; Knits wounds


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Random Insult

You are the Internet Explorer of people.

Useless Facts

The scene where Indiana Jones shoots the swordsman in Raider’s of the Lost Ark was Harrison Ford's idea so that he could take a bathroom break.