Building on the Retro craze for all your lounge lizards out there, is a neat site that has lots of mod-retro furniture and accessories.

A neat trend marketing site is Trendsetters, where I found the above retro-mod site, which is written by Michael Tchong, the former editor and publisher of Iconocast and “The Jacobyte” column, which I desperately miss!!

Cooper Minicar

I drove a Cooper Mini Car this weekend. What an awsome ride!!! I remember when I lived in England I was at Durham Cathedral in northern England and saw two dwarfs leave an old style Mini car. And my great uncle used to have a Mini car. They are great in city environments in that they can park in spots most cars can not use. I like it!


Incase you were wondering where Ashton Kutcher stands…Dude, where’s my endorsement? Yeah, this will make me vote for John Edwards. It seems that “star of the minute” Ashton Kutcher has gone out on a limb and endorsed Democrat John Edwards for President. The fact that CNN published this is troubling enough.

I think I read somewhere that Kutcher asked Demi Moore to marry him…man, its a long way from St. Elmo’s Fire for Demi. She must really be desperate for publicity these days.

Order of the Phoenix

I finished the fifth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Overall, it was an extremely long book and was a bit tedious…however, the ending is fantastic and the last three/four chapters made up for the rest of the book. It definitely will make for great reading as the series winds down with years 6 and 7!