Truck Eating Bridge

There is a bridge down in Durham, NC whose formal name is the Norfolk Southern-Gregson Avenue Bridge. But for many in the area, it is called the “Can Opener Bridge” or the “Truck Eating Bridge”. The reason for this is that the bridge is really low, measuring 11’ 8” clearance because there are train tracks above it, so it can’t be raised, and a sewer only 4’ below grade, so the road can’t be dug out or lowered. And because of this, we have a situation. An enterprising person back in 2009 decided to hook up video cameras at the intersection to document the, on average, once a month accident that occours when a novice truck driver is not paying attention and plows right into the overpass, thus turning their truck into a sardene can. I don’t care if I’m late to the party on this. This is just fantastic stuff.

This is a video of a moving truck that gets completely destroyed trying to go under the bridge:

This is a compilation of multiple accidents at the bridge

This is complete internet gold. I could watch this all day.

The full YouTube Channel is YoVo68 and you can see a full detail of the bridge and the videos at

Road To Nowhere

Back in the 1980’s, there was a big push to switch the US to the metric system (an initiative I vaguely remember). Way down in southern Arizona, the politicos back then took the initiative to switch over Highway 19 south of Tucson to the metric system in anticipation of the country’s full conversion. Yes, we’re all still waiting for the country to switch over and 30+ years on, this stretch of highway is the only road in the US that is measured with the metric system.

That made sense in 1980, when I-19’s signs first went up and when U.S. was near the peak of its flirtation with the metric system. Five years earlier, President Ford had signed the Metric Conversion Act, declaring the metric system “the preferred system of weights and measures for United States trade and commerce” and establishing United States Metric Board to guide the conversion. Schoolchildren dutifully learned their kilograms and centimeters.

But the Metric Conversion Act was only voluntary, and there was far too much inertia to change every single label in the country voluntarily. Reagan disbanded the Metric Board in 1982. Instead of leading the charge into brave new metric system, Arizona’s highway is a reminder of a failed experiment.

Ironically, Arizona is now trying to switch the road back to miles however it is stuck in political red tape. Ah, progress!

Source: via Factually Gizmodo

Call In Sick

This is just so amazingly simple and obvious, it’s brilliant. enables you to call in sick to your boss/employer at any time and assign when it should be delivered and to who/what phone number. So you can record your message on Thursday evening and then have it delivered at 6AM Friday morning while you are sleeping the morning away.


Seen outside a bar in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen/Clinton neighborhood today:

Fixed Income Special
8AM-4PM Pabst’s Blue Ribbon – $1.25

If you have to ask whether the deal was for cans or bottles, then you just don’t know… PBR at 8AM…now that’s dedication. I would have taken a photo but I was driving.