Check out Gawker. Its an “interesting” site that takes gossip to the next level, if you want to go to that next level. I think we can only get so much news about what the Hiton sisters are doing on their worldwide rampage to spend their family’s fortune.

Cooper Minicar

I drove a Cooper Mini Car this weekend. What an awsome ride!!! I remember when I lived in England I was at Durham Cathedral in northern England and saw two dwarfs leave an old style Mini car. And my great uncle used to have a Mini car. They are great in city environments in that they can park in spots most cars can not use. I like it!


Happy Halloween!!! My son is dressed up like a pumpkin and my daughter is going to be dressed up as a princess. Both look cute!

Hot Stove League

The hot stove season is upon us in Major League Baseball. Red Sox with the first bold move by putting Manny Ramirez on irrevocable wavers. A very interesting, and bold move by the Red Sox GM Theo Epstein. I love the way he is playing with the Yankees with this move. I doubt anyone will take Manny but I think they will succeed in moving him to free up some salary. I am not too thrilled with the prospect of them trading Nomar Garciaparra however.


Incase you were wondering where Ashton Kutcher stands…Dude, where’s my endorsement? Yeah, this will make me vote for John Edwards. It seems that “star of the minute” Ashton Kutcher has gone out on a limb and endorsed Democrat John Edwards for President. The fact that CNN published this is troubling enough.

I think I read somewhere that Kutcher asked Demi Moore to marry him…man, its a long way from St. Elmo’s Fire for Demi. She must really be desperate for publicity these days.

Bad Creative

I am really sick of the Sprint ad campaign that is out there these days, especially the ad with the dork sitting at the diner bar who is wearing some kind of sandwich all over his face and is getting his picture taken with a Sprint PCS camera phone by some moderately attractive blonde woman. Its just annoying. As is the guy in the black coat.

Red Sox Nation Suffering

Oh boy, did my Red Sox blow a doozy last night. That was a tough loss to swallow, I must say. Aaron Boone!! Aaron f****** Boone!! He was hitting a buck twenty five (.125) in the playoffs! I would have rather lost by 15 runs than lose that way. That’s the thing about the Red Sox, they always find the most miserable ways to lose. And to do it against the Yankees is just painful.

The Red Sox just did not get it done. And you could just feel it as the game progressed. They had the lead and they let it slip away. In this case, it was completely inept game management by Grady Little, the Red Sox manager. He should be fired by next month. He should have brought in Alan Embree from the bullpen in the 8th to take over for Pedro. The bullpen was pitching great – Timlin was fantastic, Embree was solid as was Williamson. It was so obvious. Is he really that dumb? Doesn’t he realize that any player is going to say “I’m fine” no matter how they really feel? And putting in Wakefield was not exactly the best move either. Yes, the Sox would not have been there without him after his two amazing performances eariler in the series, but he was just not the right pitcher for that situation.

But the Sox were playing with fire throughout the playoffs and it finally came back to haunt them. The only reason they were in the ALCS was because of the ineptitude of the Oakland A’s and their failure to close out the series. And between Millar, Ortiz, Mueller and especially Nomar, I think they were barely at the “Mendoza Line” (batting average of .200) with maybe 15 RBIs collectively . And Manny Ramirez could not drive in runners in scoring position to save his life. As always, good pitching trumps good hitting and that was especially evident for the Red Sox in these playoffs – not just against the Yankees but against the Athletics as well.

Sadly, the dreams of a Cubs vs. Red Sox series went up in smoke in the most painful of ways for both cities and both franchises. And the worst part is that now I have to deal with those blasted Yankee fans.

Go Florida!!!!

Apple iPod

I really want an Apple iPod. They are just the best mobile audio devices around and they are so brilliantly designed. Then I could put my audio CD collection on my computer and put the actual CDs in storage. In fact, I really want an Apple PowerBook. We currently have a 4 year old Dell and that is just not cutting it anymore. What would be ideal would be for my wife Lisa to have her own PC and then I could have my own Apple. It would be the first computer that I would have for my web dev/services/design “side business”. It would also help me out as I create and edit video of the kids.

The Governator

You know our country is going to hell in a hand-basket when Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected Governor of California. Yes, “The Terminator” is now “The Governator”. I guess it was a “Total Recall” vote that led to his victory. I think its sad that the public has taken their greatest privledge in this country and reduced it to a popularity vote rather than a vote for the best person who can do the job. I only hope the people of California know what they have done.