The End of the World Is Back on Track

The folks over at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) have their Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest Atom smasher, back online (7 hours early actually) after an electrical error put it offline for the past year. So as soon as January, they will be able to smash atoms and create a black hole around the French-Swiss border that will suck in all of humanity.

The Man In Black

I have never, ever liked Country music. I still don’t like Country music. When I purchased my iPod about a year ago, I diligently went ahead and imported my whole music collection, and my wife’s collection, to iTunes. Included in my wife’s collection were a couple of albums from Johnny Cash – Unchained, and American IV: The Man Comes Around. Maybe I am getting old, or maybe I am just learning to appreciate different artists …

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Old Spice Guy Is Back

Yes, the Old Spice Guy is back in all his buff, towel covered glory for a series of quick video clips in a similar fashion to last year. Only this time, he’s taking on Fabio in a “Mano A Mano in El Bano” steel cage video match to the death (or, until one of them gets more votes online). A handful of the Fabio videos are kinda funny. But more striking to me is the …

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Back From The Brink

My site was hacked about a week ago and I’ve finally gotten things back in somewhat working order – with some chewing gum and paperclips holding things together. It appears that my WordPress install was hacked through a vulnerability in the TimThumb plug ins I had installed into WordPress. Now that my site is back from the brink, I guess the only reasonable thing to do is take this opportunity to re-set my site and …

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The Back Care Center

CLIENT The Back Care Center, Dumont, NJ WEBSITE DATE July, 2016

The B’s Are Back

Super funny Boston Bruins TV spots. I just love the bear…especially the fact that he’s silent. via Yahoo Puck Daddy  

Back From Cali

The lack of activity this week was because I was out on vacation in Southern California, visiting Anaheim, Disneyland and Los Angeles. Just a great time and, boy oh boy, the weather out there is just spectacular. I definitely did not enjoy waking up from the red eye this morning to “Welcome to Newark Airport, where the temperature is 38 degrees”.