Captain America

In a sad story today, Captain America was shot today outside the main courthouse. What is even more interesting is that this story was a lead story on the front page of the NY Times website. Let me repeat, the venerable NY Times had a lead story, albeit a sad one, about a comic book … Read more

South of the Border

Folks who live along the border (I mean, literally ON the border) of North Carolina and South Carolina are running into some issues because the states are re-calibrating the exact location of their shared border. One morning, these folks are paying South Carolina taxes and the next, they are citizens of North Carolina. At first, … Read more

Rethinking NFL Logos

Here is a really interesting take on re-thinking the logos of NFL teams by Matt McInerney. This is just a side project however some of the designs are really well done. For example, I love the KC Chiefs logo with the “C” depicted in negative space. His version of the Rams, Seahawks, and Houston Texans … Read more

NFL Logos As European Football Logos

I love projects like this. A very cool exploration of logo design titled “Football As Football“, where some designers have styled several NFL logos as if they were European Football (soccer) clubs. A few for your viewing pleasure: Yes, they even did a really nice job with the logo of the NY Jets Source: Kottke