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Stanley Kubrick. Photographer.

Leonard Bernstein lounging

Before Stanley Kubrick was Stanley Kubrick he was a photographer for Look Magazine in NYC. The Museum of the City of NY has posted about 42 pages of Kubrick’s photos from his five year stint at the magazine and you can clearly see the beginnings of what will become a most legendary film career.

Zero Mostel looking sullen
Advertising painters on 42nd Street @ NYPL
Boys talking to a Mom.

Kubrick took some really interesting photos including many of Rocky Marciano, Dwight D. Eisenhower, many around Columbia University, and many ‘slice of NYC life’ photos. The collection is a really nice window into how NYC life was like back in the 1940s.

h/t: Vintage Everyday, DeMilked, Museum of City of NY – Kubrick collection

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