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Lego Pricing Analysis

An impressively thorough analysis of the price of Lego bricks and Lego sets over the years, dating as far back as 1960 when Lego was first brought to market.

Over time, it appears that the price per brick of Lego has actually decreased to the point where the nominal price per brick and the real price per brick is essentially even and on par with what they were in 1980.

So with the pricing of Lego bricks essentially staying flat from 1960 – 2013, Lego had to increase penetration and share by releasing more sets per year. As noted in the graph below, from about 1995 through 2013, the number of sets released per year has roughly tripled.

So even though it feels like we are spending more for Lego sets, what is really happening is that we are getting sucked in by our kids to buy more sets over time.

OK, I need to go to the local Lego store to buy the Chima set for my son.

via Reality Prose.

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