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Will It Be Delicious Again?


Once again, the loved but neglected social network a la link sharing site Delicious has gone through another re-boot to try to gain back the traffic that Yahoo drove away. I have never been shy about my love for this site, as in it’s hey day, this was my go to place to find new and interesting content from the depths of the Internet.

This new iteration seems to move Delicious back to it’s roots, centered around sharing and discovering content/links.

The interface has been streamlined and is meant to match the recently-released iOS app (and forthcoming Android app) and offer easier discover of content that’s been shared by the community. That comes via a new right-side widget that shows other users or content that’s similar to your selected bookmark. It also pulls up a quick image and preview of the link, as well, making it easier to preview and cull any links you may have saved.

They have finally brought back a replacement for their Popular links area, this time called Discover, which does a decent job of bubbling up new content to discover. The search field is also very useful, as they have enabled searches via @ (users) and # (tags).

Delicious is still a long way from the vibrant, lively community it used to be but hopefully this re-work will move it in the right direction.

via The Verge

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