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Taken For A Ride

A couple of guys in Princeton, NJ took a Porsche Panamera for a test drive around central NJ, pulled a switch-a-roo with its “key“, and then stopped by the dealership after hours and took the $148K car for good:

The dealer, who accompanied the men during the test drive, noticed the car was missing upon opening shop the next morning. How could this have happened to such an expensive car with such a (presumably) expensive security system? Simple: the car features a keyless ignition system, with no physical key. An electronic key sits in the driver’s pocket allowing one-touch access to opening the doors and turning the car on. Sounds like a fast pass for a simple switcheroo for these techy thieves.

For all the fancy, high tech keyless entry solutions, sometimes analog keys are the best solutions.

via Time Magazine News Feed

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