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My Twitter Activity This Week

  • Right now, is my friend. #lookingforthenextbigthing #hireme #
  • What exactly does the Vancouver logo represent? Even the old one with the hockey stick on the rectangle w/curved corners? Anyone? #
  • Amazing hockey tonight. And its only Game 1. Hoping the Bruins can pull this one out. #lordstanleyscup #
  • Can someone explain how a pro basketball player can shoot 36% from the FT line and still be considered a pro? #
  • $5 automatic rebate on your next Whole Foods purchase – #
  • The B’s in the finals!! Memories of Rick Middleton, Terry O’Reilly, Wayne Cashman and Ray Bourque. #lordstanleyscup #40yearssincelastcup #
  • Yes!!! Lets Go Bruins!! On the way to the Cup Finals! #nhl #bruins #
  • Let the Heat hatin’ begin. #
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