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My Twitter Activity This Week

  • Nice win by the Mavs going home 2-0. Lets hope they can close this out without much stress. Sadly, my Celts no better off than Lakers. #
  • This is useful. Stolen Camera Finder matches serial data from camera’s pix to find if its been used since it was lost #
  • Really liking Feedly in browser and iPad. #
  • I believe Monty Python held the H&S champs years ago – RT @GhostOsama: I retired as the world champion of hide and seek. #
  • RT @lizgannes: Obama gave order to kill bin Laden during royal wedding, then cracked jokes at WHCD. Straight out of Godfather! #badass #
  • Can someone explain how the Knicks and Zach Randolph “didn’t work out”? #
  • Its good to be the Duke of Cambridge #royalwedding #
  • @realpatriots: With the 74th pick, the Patriots select QB Ryan Mallett, Arkansas WOW, fantastic. Who better to learn under than Brady #
  • Watching events like the #royalwedding makes me appreciate the brilliance of Monty Python. #
  • The hats some of these women are wearing at the #royalwedding are insane #
  • RT wanted Ingram but sweet move. @realpatriots: Pats get 2nd rd pick from Saints & 1st round pick in 2012 for #28 this year. #
  • Will Pioli KC screw Pats with the #27 pick, one spot ahead of @realpatriots? Fingers still crossed for Ingram. We need a RB! #nfldraft #
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