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Those Who Forget NBA History

Are bound to repeat it.

And it is eerily so with the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers. How could they make the same crippling mistake, not once, but twice?!?

Back in 1984, they famously passed over a 6’6″ shooting guard from the University of North Carolina (er…Michael Jordan, only the greatest NBA player ever) to select the often injured Sam Bowie out of Kentucky. I think we can all figure out what happened.

Fast forward to 2007, where the Blazers again had a top pick and decided to take Ohio State’s Greg Oden over Kevin Durant from the University of Texas. Since then, Durant has blossomed into one of the top stars and players in the NBA. As for Oden? He missed his entire rookie season because he had knee surgery on his right knee. And yesterday, it was announced that Oden will be out for the remainder of this season because of knee injury on his left knee.

Once again proving that Destiny can be an evil bitch.

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