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Doom Virgin

Stephen Tolito from the gaming site Kotaku lost his Doom virginity after jilting the game’s advances for 17 years.

I am not sure how I failed to play Doom during the last 17 years. While I have long been primarily a console gamer, I dabbled with PC gaming before, during and after Doom’s launch. I had a Commodore 64, a PC that ran games off DOS and, later, Windows 3.11. I had friends who loved playing Marathon, which they described as Doom for their Macs. But somehow I never played Doom. Maybe it was too gritty for me. I was one of those kids who collected Superman comics, not Batman, and never Wolverine.

While Doom’s day in the sun has come and gone with all the advances in the gaming industry, as a game it is the equivalent to Linus’s blanket…comfortable, familiar and its always there when you need to kill a few digital monsters.

Via Slashdot

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