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Tweets of the Week

  • You can’t fake the funk on a nasty dunk. #
  • – Scenarios for the US Team to advance to the WC round of 16. Basically: Win next game and we’re in. #
  • On my site now – Bring The Leak Home #business #
  • First Duke. Now the Lakers. Not a good basketball year. #
  • Bitter. Blew a 3-2 game lead and a 13 point lead in Game 7. #
  • Wow, what a game. But starting to get a bad feeling that the Celts are losing their grip on the game. #
  • Come on Celts!! Bring it home!! #celtics #
  • I’m at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q (801 Red River St, at E 8th St, Austin). #
  • I’m at Hampton Inn-Austin Round Rock (110 Dell Way, Round Rock). #
  • I’m at Dell HQ – Round Rock (1 Dell Way, Greenlawn, Round Rock). #
  • Every TV network and three flavors of ESPN on DirectTV but no ABC where Celtics Game 6 is on that network. #fail #jetblue #
  • I’m at John F Kennedy Int’l Airport (JFK) ✈ (JFK International Airport, Van Wyck Expy, Queens) w/ 29 others. #
  • Come on Celts…hold off this run. PIerce doing a great job of creating his own shot! #
  • Yanks win 1-1 #usa #
  • Not a pretty goal, but I’ll take it!! :) #
  • On my site now – Tweets of the Week #internet #socialnetworks #twitter #
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