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Tweets of the Week

  • Sweet!! Go Celtics!! Great series win!! Looks like LA but would love Suns!! Go PHX!! #
  • Is it 1985? Sears is selling Tretorns. #
  • Looks like the Celts are heading to a Game 6. Just don’t have it tonight. #
  • Not to make light of the oil spill in the Gulf, but the @BPGlobalPR Twitter account is ripping BP to shreds #
  • I just posted Geek Decor: A list of several home decorating items for absolute geeks… #
  • I just posted Crude Oil: Some amazing photos from’s Big Picture of the disaster… #
  • I just posted Oh, the Humanity: The interactive Google Pacman logo that celebrated the game… #
  • I just posted Pac Man Cakes: With the 30th Anniversary of Pac Man just passing by and making… #
  • I just posted Tweets of the Week: – Check your privacy settings on FB. Yet another reason… #
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