Month: May 2010

Tweets of the Week

  • Sweet!! Go Celtics!! Great series win!! Looks like LA but would love Suns!! Go PHX!! #
  • Is it 1985? Sears is selling Tretorns. #
  • Looks like the Celts are heading to a Game 6. Just don’t have it tonight. #
  • Not to make light of the oil spill in the Gulf, but the @BPGlobalPR Twitter account is ripping BP to shreds #
  • I just posted Geek Decor: A list of several home decorating items for absolute geeks… #
  • I just posted Crude Oil: Some amazing photos from’s Big Picture of the disaster… #
  • I just posted Oh, the Humanity: The interactive Google Pacman logo that celebrated the game… #
  • I just posted Pac Man Cakes: With the 30th Anniversary of Pac Man just passing by and making… #
  • I just posted Tweets of the Week: – Check your privacy settings on FB. Yet another reason… #

Oh, the Humanity

The interactive Google Pacman logo that celebrated the game’s 30th anniversary pretty much crushed productivity in the US on Friday. Using some pretty straight forward calculations, it’s been estimated that a collective 4.82 million hours were wasted on Friday playing the game on Google’s homepage. I’ve wasted two posts on the topic! Now get back to work!

Pac Man Cakes

With the 30th Anniversary of Pac Man just passing by and making everyone feel just a little bit older, and the great fanfare that was given to the event by Google, thought I’d share a fun article from the SF Chronicle highlighting 10 cool Pac-Man Cakes and Treats . The above cake is just awesome, as are the cookies shaped as Pac Man and the ghosts.

Tweets of the Week

  • Check your privacy settings on FB. Yet another reason why you can’t trust FB and their privacy settings – #
  • Going to get Web dev geek on everyone. This is super cool. #
  • Wow, Celts with a big win tonight. Up 2-0 going back to the Gahhden. Gotta like that! #
  • Stick a fork in the Sox. Its over. Call up the PawSox. How’s that pitching and defense strategy, Theo? #

Tweets of the Week

Celtic Chants

This reinforces the amazing potential of Twitter and online communications.

Bill Simmons, the prolific columnist and podcaster from ESPN, is a fellow displaced native New Englander (he chose sunny Los Angeles while I’m in New Jersey…clearly a better decision but I digress…). So with the Celtics making a deep run in the playoffs this year (how about that win vs LeBron and the Cavs last night!!), and he being 3,000 miles away from Boston, he created a Twitter handle @celticschants where he could communicate to folks attending Celtics game to get some chants started during the game. A creative way to demonstrate his loyalty to the hometown team.

So last night he decided to tweet this:

And then, during the actual game, when LeBron went to the free throw line, the crowd started going with the chant to the point where it was audibly heard on the ESPN broadcast. Folks may think this is a big ESPN conspiracy but in reading today’s Daily Dime about the Cavs loss and the implications for the LeBron sweepstakes, I could not help but notice this quip from author Chris Sheridan:

The Celtics fans certainly had their fun letting James know their prediction, chanting “New York Knicks” whenever James stepped to the foul line on a night when his triple-double of 27 points, 19 rebounds and 10 assists was buttressed by his nine turnovers.

Just awesome. A very creative use of Twitter. Look out Dwight Howard and Orlando, the Twitter-verse will be ready and waiting!

UPDATE: In the NY Times today, even more credit to the @celticschants initiative:

First came the New York Knicks chants, a taunt instigated by Bill Simmons, an ESPN columnist and lifelong Celtics fan, via Twitter. In the second quarter, the in-house video camera found a fan wearing a Knicks jersey with James’s name across the shoulders, over the No. 6 the number James plans to wear next season, wherever he lands.

Buy The Field of Dreams

The iconic baseball field and house that was the centerpiece of what is still the most iconic baseball films ever is up for sale. The baseball field and house in the cornfield in Dyersville, Iowa is up for sale for $5.4MM. Bringing the film’s iconic line, “If you build it, they will come”, to reality, the owners of the field have created a cottage industry around the film and the field, keeping it open for baseball pilgrims who want to play the game there. Personally, if I ever am out in Iowa, I know I’m going to make a pit stop there in Dyersville!

Flash Forward

Here is a really interesting take on Apple’s recent war on Adobe and their Flash platform by Charlie Stoss (whom I’m not at all familiar with, but has written a nice piece here). His basic take is that the PC industry is in a death spiral (true), wireless broadband and the reality of SAAS/Cloud computing is here, and the companies that will be relevant in this new world order will be the ones that are able to control the delivery (sales) channel and sell the applications/software. In order for Apple to be relevant today and in the future, they can not afford to support a cross platform solution like Flash.

Apple are trying desperately to force the growth of a new ecosystem one that rivals the 26-year-old Macintosh environment to maturity in five years flat. That’s the time scale in which they expect the cloud computing revolution to flatten the existing PC industry. Unless they can turn themselves into an entirely different kind of corporation by 2015 Apple is doomed to the same irrelevance as the rest of the PC industry” interchangeable suppliers of commodity equipment assembled on a shoestring budget with negligible profit.

There is a massive steel cage death match going on in the tech world between Apple, Google, along with HP (now that it has Palm OS) and Microsoft. Microsoft’s head is so “in the clouds” they are rapidly becoming the Sears of the technology world and on the fast track to being “Walmarted” by Google. They won’t know what hit them until its too late (if that has not happened already). From its very early years Apple has always been one to have tight controls over its ecosystem and we are starting to see Apple’s transformation from a PC maker to a platform developer. They acquired Lala recently and just today, I received an email from them saying that they will be shutting their doors. Why shut such a great service? So Apple can seamlessly integrate it into iTunes, put all your music on the cloud, and turning a desktop app into software as a service that Apple can use to charge a monthly/annual fee. Take this model and scale it to everything Apple does. This is where it is going. With all the rapid changes taking place around media, data, technology and how people consumer information, it will be very interesting to see how this all nets out. The big wildcard in all of this? Google and its Android/Chrome OS.

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Tweets of the Week