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Tweets of the Week

  • Secret menus from several fast food joints. In N Out Burger menu sounds great! – #
  • Kevin Durant is manchild playing with boys. 39pts/10reb tonite #
  • Syracuse Orange No. 1 in ESPN/USAT coaches’ poll #
  • With Purdue losing, looks like the Orange have locked up this week’s #1 spot in the College Hoops world #
  • Is it wrong that I DON”T want Syracuse voted #1 in next week’s college hoops poll! I just want to be #1 at the end of the NCAA Tournament #
  • Fantastic win by Syracuse! Wow, impressive!! #
  • Come on fellas! Nine more points and 34,616 free tacos up in Syracuse!! #
  • Raise the roof, fellas! Lets Go Orange!! #
  • Not a pretty first half but somehow SU is up 10. I’ll take it. DC, Billy Owens and Pearl in the house. Gotta love it!!! #
  • Has the Dome Ranger come out of retirement? Can SU make a lay up? #
  • Not liking the way the Orange are standing around and not boxing out. #
  • Interesting that Boeheim is barely a .500 coach against Villanova all time. A foreboding stat? #
  • Lets Go Orange!!! Huge game tonight! Wish I was up there!! #
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